Slow Caves - Desert Minded

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Desert Minded, the dreamy new EP from Colorado natives Slow Caves has arrived right in time for summer. Only four songs in length, Desert Minded may be brief, but where it lacks in length it makes up for in catchy melodies and groovy bass lines that will have you bobbing your head along in no time.

“2 Hrs!” opens up Desert Minded on a slower note, but everything just works in this mellow track. Vocally, “2 Hrs!” is dreamy and relaxing, and instrumentally, it’s catchy and poppy while still remaining laid back and groovy. The first track really sets the mood, where “Glares” feels a little fuller and bigger than the opener. The guitar work in the second song is definitely the driving force, complemented by strong bass work and stunning vocals. “Glares” keeps things moving forward and feels timeless.

“Desert Minded” is a perfect summer song. Much like the first two songs, the title track is very chilled out and relaxing while maintaining a easygoing poppiness that will keep listeners interested.

The only downside of Desert Minded comes in its length. Because it is merely four songs in length, there isn’t much room for growth or diversity in this EP. The final song, “Son 15” shows quite a bit of promise however, with a darker, more grungy sound from the other three songs, but as soon as it’s there, the EP is over, leaving you longing for more. Ultimately, this is what a great EP should do, though. By the time Desert Minded comes to an end, there’s no questioning who Slow Caves are, and with a little taste of something new at the very end, the future looks bright for this quartet.

Rating: 4/5

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