Transit Method - Roach

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Transit Method’s Roach is brief yet explosive, comprised of two very different sounding songs of the same theme. Roach is about mankind being overrun and ultimately consumed by roaches, and as disgusting as that may seem, the EP serves as the perfect soundtrack. The chaotic story is told throughout grungy guitar and bass work, strong drumming and echoey vocals.

Just when you think you have the opening title track figured out, it throws you off. The wild drumming, incredible bass work and fast paced guitar that kicks off the song is incredible - it’s a great mix of grunge, thrash and punk, but with relatively laid back vocals on top. Thankfully, there’s a bit of grit in there that meshes with the dirty guitar tone, though.

“Wait To Drown” doesn’t hit quite as hard as the opening track from the start, but hosts some wonderful instrumentation, from the intricate drumming to the flawless guitar and bass work. Musically, “Wait To Drown” totally shines. While “Roach” tends to focus on the story of the EP, the second song will really impress you with this trio’s talent.

Unfortunately, the EP is over just as fast as it begins, though. The story is fleeting but aggressive, and it would have been nice to hear an expansion of sound with just a couple more songs. The production of Roach can be a little hard to grasp at first as well, as the vocals can definitely tend to overpower the stellar instrumentation at times, especially on the first track. However once you take into account that the dirty, grungy and unpolished sound is likely exactly what Transit Method were going for (especially on an EP with the theme of Roach) it totally works. These two songs are aggressive and showcase the great songwriting that Transit Method is capable of, hopefully making way for a stellar full-length in the future.

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Wait To Drown"


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