Hit The Lights - Just To Get Through To You

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Acoustic albums can either be a hit or a miss for bands like Hit The Lights, who normally rely on their catchy, high energy pop-punk sound, but Just To Get Through To You is a success for this Ohio five-piece. While the acoustic renditions don’t pack quite the same punch as Hit The Lights’ songs usually do, they shine vocally and instrumentally, showcasing another incredible side of this band.

“Blasphemy Myself And I” kicks off the EP, and right away it seems that Hit The Lights have already completely mastered this acoustic release. The acoustic rendition still feels full, complete with intricate guitar work, beautiful backing vocals and captivating leads that don’t lack and of the energy from the original track. The following rendition of the band’s popular track, “Drop The Girl” sounds completely different from the first song, but no less beautiful. Taking on a softer and more emotional quality than the angsty, aggressive original, the acoustic version is very different, but a perfect change of pace. The adaption to acoustics keeps everything that makes the original strong, even the energetic backing vocals, but succeeds in changing the mood completely.

“Fucked Up Kids” ends up sounding a little less like the anthemic original, taking on a sadder, more mellow tone, but it is an interesting take on an otherwise celebratory and high energy track. Save for the vocal melody, the acoustic version of “Fucked Up Kids” sounds completely different, but not in a bad way at all. It’s actually quite refreshing that Hit The Lights aren’t struggling to keep the same sound as the original and have instead opted for a different tone, therefore exploring the song even more than one would expect. The same can be said for the following track, “Save Your Breath.” Unfortunately, this song isn’t quite as well executed as “Fucked Up Kids,” as it loses some of the aggressive, frustrated energy that made the original track strong, but the focus on the stunning vocal harmonies and guitar work is incredible.

“Summer Bones” is easily one of the strongest acoustic renditions on this EP, as the slower, more emotional tone of the song translates perfectly into an acoustic track. “Summer Bones” was honestly just made for an acoustic rendition, and Hit The Lights have pulled this one off effortlessly.

Closing out the EP is the new track, “Lighthouse” - a stunning love song. However, halfway through, the full band comes in and takes you by surprise, giving you a little taste of that high energy, full sounding Hit The Lights that we’ve all come to know and love. As a whole, Just To Get Through To You is effortless. Thirteen years have done Hit The Lights well, just as this EP showcases. They know their songs better than anyone else, and understand perfectly what makes a stripped down version of each track strong, providing fans with new, refreshing versions of some of their favorite songs.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Summer Bones" or "Blasphemy Myself And I"

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