Hurry - Guided Meditation

Review by Gabrielle DB

Guided Meditation from Hurry is the epitome of a Summer playlist. The airy, fun songs encompass all that is swell with hanging out while transitioning into the dichotomy of the  nervousness of being in love. This album has exceptional production allowing a smooth balance for every instrument and sound to be heard. A thorough progression of maturity in character builds track after track as though one is following a protagonist in a novel. 

"Nothing to Say" is a lonesome track that serves as the rain cloud before the sunshine comes out in the following tracks. "When I'm With You" is reminiscent of a Beach Boys hit. Fun loving and groovy, all instruments shine, especially the bass and drums.

"Fascination" lyrically speaks of anxiety, a theme echoed throughout the album, while composing a smooth delivery. The blues piano bit during the final chorus is absolutely fantastic. 

"Love is Elusive" is a beautiful monotone track. A circumventing realization of the perils of being or finding love.

"Shake it Off" picks the pace back up. Lyrically, this song balances on confidence and confrontation. The ebb and flow of a relationship is demonstrated with poppy beats and heavy content. "Sinking Feeling" carries the torch of the previous track with a growing bravery. 

"Telepathic" and "Under Her Thumb" solidify the attitude shift for the second half of the album. A more brash and forward approach than the softer, denial-like first half. 

"Wanna Be You" is a solid, fun track to close the album. There is a sense of longing for more comparable to a cliff hanger, while simultaneously being satisfied. 

Guided Meditation is a must listen. Hurry blends relatable content with superior musicianship that delivers an experience for listeners. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "When I'm With You"


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