Secret Space - The Window Room

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Secret Space have honed in on their own unique sound on their new full-length, The Window Room. While it has a very slow start, it is impossible not to understand Secret Space within the first half of the first track on the album, and the other nine songs simply back it up and provide a relaxing, introspective listening experience.

Where opening track, “PxCz” is slow, it also introduces the beautiful harmonies and strong guitar work that carries throughout much of The Window Room. The contrast between the high and low vocals is soothing and beautiful, and the following song, “I’ve Come Around” only strengthens that sound. “I’ve Come Around” is a little more upbeat than the opener, expanding on Secret Space’s sound within only two songs. Despite the more upbeat sound, the vocals are still very intimate sounding, making it feel as if you’re in the same room as the band.

As The Window Room continues forward, these intimate and vulnerable sounding vocals prove to be a staple in Secret Space’s sound, but thankfully, they are not lacking in any emotion or power. “The Window Room,” for instance, has some very big sounding lead and backing vocals despite its slow and sleepy sound. The album’s title track has a very unique blend of sounds, really showcasing what Secret Space is capable of, and only three tracks in. The following song, “Second Life” is hopeful and beautiful, however the mood between it and “The Window Room” doesn’t differ much, both songs continuing to sound very mellow and sleepy.

“Cast Iron” is a strong track in the middle of the album to shake things up with a slightly more aggressive sound (or as aggressive as Secret Space can get) with a much darker sound than the first few songs. The focus of this song shifts as it progresses, which is a nice change of pace - it starts with simple vocals and guitar, but before the end the focus of the song is very drum heavy. A few songs later is the stunning “Stars,” which really focuses on the guitar work and stunning high vocals. “Stars” is easily the most natural feeling song on the album.

The Window Room as a whole is a very easygoing and beautiful release. These ten songs flow from one to the other with ease, lulling listeners into relaxation while establishing a strong sound from Secret Space. The only downside comes in the similar sounds, making it difficult to really pick apart any standout tracks. There are a few, though, like the stunning “Stars” or darker “Cast Iron” that do stand apart from the pack, making it well worth the listen. Closing out the album is the bright and beautiful, “Suffer In,” and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to hit repeat as soon as it ends, just to experience the beauty that is The Window Room all over again.

Rating: 4/5

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