Seratones - Get Gone

Review by Dom Vigil

Seratones new album, Get Gone is full of spunk, soul and an undeniable grooviness that starts right at the beginning with the high energy opening track, “Choking On Your Spit” and refuses to let go until the very last song. Strong bass work, gorgeous vocals and guitar and drums that will blow your mind open up Get Gone, and as the album continues forward, it is apparent that Seratones are not simply a one trick pony.

From the upbeat “Choking On Your Spit,” the album then transitions into the drum heavy “Headtrip.” Following the opening track’s lead, the soulful vocals on this track are a total standout, AJ Haynes’ voice shining through deep guitar in a way that will leave you reeling. Proving their diversity right away is the following third track, “Tide,” which takes on a much softer quality than the first two songs.

Easily one of the best aspects of Get Gone is its unpredictability. Seratones manage to go from zero to sixty in a matter of only two songs, and while that would threaten to make most albums feel choppy, that is not the case with this release. Groovy bass lines and stunning vocals are a staple in every single song, and with differing moods, styles and influences, it makes for a very fun listen. Quivering vocals and bass spearhead “Chandelier,” but the following song, “Sun” is carried by psychedelic sounding guitars and it totally works. Where the title track is relatively laid back, the following song, “Trees” is wild and all over the place and the two songs contrast wonderfully.

For all of the diversity that Get Gone hosts, there are quite a few sounds that tie the album together as well. The previously mentioned bass work is strong throughout the entirety of the album, and the quivering vocals from “Chandelier” return once more in the guitar driven “Kingdom Come.”

One of the strongest tracks on the album comes toward the end with “Don’t Need It.” This song has a little bit of everything - stunning vocals, strong guitar work, and gritty bass for days. The wild vocal runs toward the end of the track are jaw dropping, something you’re going to want to hear again and again after it comes to an end. Then, winding things down are “Take It Easy” and the final beautiful track, “Keep Me,” and by the time Get Gone comes to an end, you’re bound to feel fulfilled. Seratones hit just about every single mark on this release, providing listeners with a wide array of sounds and moods, making this album very smooth and easy to listen to.

Rating: 4.5/5

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