Pkew Pkew Pkew - Pkew Pkew Pkew

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Pkew Pkew Pkew don’t take themselves seriously on their debut self-titled release, and that’s just the way we like them. With only one song clocking in at over three minutes in length and a running theme of growing up, fucking up and getting really, really drunk, this fast-paced album is the perfect release to jam on full blast this summer.

The songwriting on this album is simplistic, but not boring by any means. “Blood Clot,” the massive and explosive opener, carried by fun gang vocals and high energy guitar and drumming will grab your attention and force you to listen whether you like it or not. And trust me, you’re going to like it. “Asshole Pandemic” is the first taste of the hilarity that is a staple in Pkew Pkew Pkew’s sound. Not only does it stay fast-paced and aggressive like the opener, but it and the following song “Prequel To Asshole Pandemic” are songs that any twenty-something who has lived in a small, shitty apartment can relate to.

And then, just when you think the album couldn’t get any better, “Mid 20’s Skateboarder” comes in. This song is simplistic yet perfect. Literally the only lyrics are, “Mid 20’s Skateboarder/I hope I don’t get hurt,” and “Drinking a six pack of beer/Takes away all the fear.” It really speaks for itself, but if you need a little extra push, I highly recommend watching the accompanying video and reliving how much you loved playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

While the majority of the album is very lighthearted, Pkew Pkew Pkew also provide listeners with a rather serious song halfway through with “Glory Days.” Also the longest song on the album, “Glory Days” really shines vocally, but in true Pkew Pkew Pkew fashion, it also hosts some funny and blunt lyricism, such as the line “If those were your glory days/You must be real shitty now.” Then comes “Let’s Order A Pizza,” and it’s as if the band has managed to worm their way into my head - can this be my theme song? “Before We Go Out Drinking” is the perfect follow-up, as the entire band chants, “We are getting drunk/Before we go out drinking.”

The entirety of Pkew Pkew Pkew is about hanging out with friends, doing stupid shit and getting drunk, making it the perfect summer party anthem. These songs, while a bit repetitive are memorable and catchy as hell. Pkew Pkew Pkew’s writing style is simplistic, but that’s not to say that the talent isn’t there. The high energy drumming coupled with frantic guitar and bass work and aggressive gang vocals makes these songs impossible to forget. If you don’t walk away with at least one of these tracks stuck in your head, you’re doing something wrong.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Asshole Pandemic" or "Glory Days"


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