Turncoat - Turncoat EP

Review by Dillon Crader

Turncoat is making their debut through a six song self-titled EP. Not being a household name in hardcore, I honestly didn’t expect much from this EP, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

Turncoat come right out of the gate with their first track, “Own Up.”  This song has a lot to offer, especially only being the first track on the EP. There are a lot of breakdowns throughout the song that hit hard and every single one sounds different from the other but it still works. “The Friends You Need,” the third track on the EP, starts off with a killer bass riff and drums underneath. I am a huge sucker for hardcore bands that put emphasis on just bass and drums, so naturally, this intro won me over on this band’s debut release.

The fourth track on the EP, “American Dream,” is really the only song that doesn’t stand out. However, the two tracks that followed, “Pushing Through” and “Blindfolded” really made up for that seemingly lack of creativity. Yet again, the bass and drums that start out on “Blindfolded” rip. This is the best song that Turncoat could end their EP with.

Turncoat’s self-titled EP is very appealing because you can hear bits and pieces of the many hardcore bands like Terror, Backtrack, and Rotting Out in their sound. While that does mean that the EP can tend to sound a little predictable, Turncoat have given themselves a lot of room to grow within their next release, and I am more than excited to see how they transform after the release of this EP. For a debut release, this is mind-blowing - this band is going to blow up.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Blindfolded"

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