Save The Lost Boys - Temptress

Review by Dom Vigil

Temptress is high energy, fun loving pop-punk at it’s best from Dayton, OH four piece, Save The Lost Boys. Starting off on a high note and keeping the energy going throughout all ten songs, Save The Lost Boys tell a story on this album, and one that doesn’t seem to have an ending any time soon.

Kicking things off is the epic, “Wasting Time,” which is reminiscent of veteran pop-punk bands like Blink 182 or New Found Glory. Although the song loses a little momentum when the vocals initially come in, the chorus is super catchy, upbeat and fun to listen to. Easily the driving force behind “Wasting Time” are the drums, which really sets Save The Lost Boys apart right off the bat. While vocals are usually the prominent aspect in pop-punk (and still are very strong in this song) the band works better as a unit rather than individual instruments.

Those strong lyrics that one would expect from a pop-punk record really come out in the following song, though. “Bad Names” is about the girl who gives all girls bad names, and vocally, you can really feel the hurt and frustration behind the lyrics. “Bad Names” may be any angry breakup song, but it’s one that you’re going to want to sing along with, and that’s what makes Save The Lost Boys’ sound so strong.

Song after song, Save The Lost Boys deliver strong, high energy pop-punk anthems, however as the album progresses, at times it can be difficult to pick any songs out from the pack. There’s no denying that the band sounds solid, but energy-wise, many songs on the album can tend to stay on the same level. Thankfully, that can’t be said for the entire album though, as there are a couple of songs that really do shine. One of those is “Dancing,” which hosts some beautiful higher vocals as well as guest vocals from Tyler Smith. While the rapped bridge can sound a bit out of place from the rest of the album, the fact of the matter is it sets the song apart from the pack - it’s memorable, and that’s exactly what you’ll be looking for as you listen to Temptress.

Another standout is the following track, “DAY > FLL” which is one of the strongest songs lyrically. This track tells about being apart, long distance relationships and missing someone. “These airports have seen truer kisses than wedding halls,” is easily one of the most powerful lines on the track, not only painting a picture while you listen, but easily conveying the emotion and longing in the song. Similarly, “Things I Could Never Forget” stands out because of its rather mellow guitar work and emotional vocal work.

Temptress as a whole is a great effort from Save The Lost Boys. Easily one of the strongest aspects about the album is just how solid the band sounds, with not one voice or instrument outshining the other. Even in “Overreaction,” which seems to take the album full circle lyrically also hosts some of the album’s best drum and guitar work. While there may not be quite as many stand out tracks on Temptress as one would like, the album as a whole flows incredibly well from one song to another, telling a story and leaving you longing for more.

Rating: 3.5/5

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