Kalish - Shadycroft Sessions

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Kalish is offering a breath of fresh air for the Denver music scene with the Shadycroft Sessions EP. With beautiful sweeping guitar work that promises to hook you from the very first note and layers upon layers of passionate vocals, Kalish mastermind and only member Kyle Kaliszewski has found a sound all his own on this EP.

That sweeping guitar is the first thing you’ll hear on the EP’s first track, “Mechanical Heartbeats.” If you’re unsure of what to expect from these five songs, the opening track is the perfect taste test, as it has a little bit of everything; spectacular guitar work, captivating vocals and subtle electronic elements that give the song a perfect amount of unpredictability. And if you need more convincing, the second track, “The Stars We Should’ve Been” is sure to sell you on this EP. Taking a step away from the opening track, “The Stars We Should’ve Been” takes on a slower, more theatrical sound, heavy with bass and softer vocals. Within only two songs, Kalish displays a wide array of sounds, and there are still three tracks left on this EP.

“Not The One” is the more aggressive, lyrically charged third track. Swapping softer vocals for more blunt, frustrated runs, “Not The One” not only showcases yet another side of Kalish, but is also a track that many listeners are sure to connect with, as it tells a story of being in a toxic relationship in lines such as, “I swore to god I’d never feel for you again/But the fire in your soul had been burning up my skin.”

Throughout Shadycroft Sessions, Kalish offers many different sounds, emotions and stories. Although the vocals throughout the EP can tend to stay mostly on one level, the saving grace is the flow in which the lyrics are delivered, the emotion behind them, and the many different layers in which Kaliszewski harmonizes with himself. Easily one of the best examples of this comes in the fourth song, “King Of Missed Opportunities,” which not only offers the widest vocal range on the album, but also includes many different layers and some spectacular guitar work to back it up. Then comes the massive closing track, “Sick Like You,” which brings things to an epic conclusion.

The great thing about the Shadycroft Sessions EP is that it is different. Simply put, nothing like this EP has emerged from the Denver music scene lately, and I honestly couldn’t think of a better pioneer than Kalish. These five solid tracks not only establish a strong sound from Kalish, but are also bound to make listeners eager for more. I know I am.

Rating: 4.5/5

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