Masked Intruder - Love And Other Crimes

Review by Shannon Shumaker

If you’re searching for the perfect fun loving high energy album for summer, look no further. Masked Intruder’s new EP Love And Other Crimes is not only catchy and fun to listen to, but it also very dynamic. Only six songs in length, the band manages to tell a story with every song, which also stand strong on their own.

“Take What I Want” starts things off with punchy drums and guitar work that will have you bobbing your head along before the vocals even come in - but then they do, and the song somehow just gets even better. On top of catchy instrumentals, the vocal harmonies on this song are subtle but spot on, and before it comes to an end, you’ll be singing along with “I know it’s wrong/But I don’t give a shit.”

The fast paced and quick witted vocals are delivered with ease on the following track, “The First Star Tonight.” Every element about this song is flawless, from the strong guitar work (and spectacular solo that takes over about halfway through the song) to a killer rhythm section and flawless vocals. “The First Star Tonight” doesn’t necessarily stick to a standard song structure, making it unpredictable but fun, just like the remainder of Love And Other Crimes. Then comes “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt,” which highlights Masked Intruder’s comical and lighthearted lyricism. Lines like “What if I told you/you were the only girl I ever thought about/Every day, every moment/Beyond a shadow of a doubt,” are “aww” worthy, but preceded by “I know that I’m supposed to stay a hundred yards away,” making the otherwise cute song a little skewed, but no less funny and entertaining.

Following the lighthearted theme on “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” is “Running From The Cops.” I’m not really sure if much more needs to be said about the lyrical content of the song, as that much can be inferred just from the title. Needless to say, it’s hilarious and fun to listen to, strong bass and drum work spearheading this track alongside the vocals. Then, contrasting with “Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt” and  "Running From The Cops" is the slower “Still Always On My Mind,” which shows us a more emotional and vulnerable side of Masked Intruder. Vocally, the track is absolutely beautiful.

Bringing things to a close is “If Only,” which takes a little bit of each song to create a perfect finale. Some of the best drumming on the EP can be found on “If Only,” alongside some incredible bass lines and beautiful vocal harmonies.

The best thing about Love And Other Crimes is Masked Intruder’s ability to blend serious themes with their chaotic sound and hilarious lyricism to create six loveable and relatable tracks. Each song is strong for its own reason, making the EP diverse but not to the point where there isn’t a central sound or theme. Love And Other Crimes is dangerous yet fun loving, the perfect blend for summer.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt"


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