Vanna - All Hell

Review by Nina Schirmer

While currently touring on this year’s Vans Warped Tour, Vanna are also releasing their brand new album, All Hell

The first track on the album, “Paranoia Euphoria” has a very anthemic opening and dives right into Vanna’s heavy sound. Lyrically, this track has a more negative approach with lyrics about other people being the enemy and not wanting to deal with how cold people can be. The second song, “Pretty Grim” is even heavier than the opening track, but with a very catchy chorus. What is impressive about this band is how you can understand exactly what Davey Muise is singing. It isn’t always easy to make out what a vocalist for a more hardcore band is singing unless you’re reading the lyrics. 

The third track on the album, “Circle the Flame” is instrumentally a very fun track, with intense breakdowns complemented by Muise's powerful vocal work. The album then continues on to the hardest hitting tracks, ironically called, “Flower.” The delivery of the lyrics on this track are what makes this song really stand out alongside how well it flows with the instrumentation. Then the next track, “Leather Feather” has a killer opening that leads into heavy vocals and more intense breakdowns where the drums seem to really stand out. 

All Hell's sixth song, “Wounded Young” seems to be about how no one knows what you really go through and when you get pushed around, you have to pick up your broken pieces and stay strong no matter what. The album then transitions to one of its angrier songs, “Reaping a Whirlwind.” The eighth track, “Candle Lights” then brings a more emotional tone to the album by slowing down during the verses containing meaningful lyrics. The album quickly picks back up with the song, “Mutter” with it’s really strong chorus and fun guitar work. 

All Hell comes to an end with the emotional and gripping song, “Lead Balloon.” Vanna’s hard-hitting album, All Hell is a very intense listen both musically and emotionally, but definitely a release that will not disappoint. 

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Flower"


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