Tonight We Rise - EP

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Tonight We Rise’s new EP may only be four songs in length, one of which being an ambitious cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Team,” but where it lacks in length, it makes up for in aggression, emotion and incredibly relatable themes and lyrical content. Starting things off on a theatrical foot is the EP’s intro, which then leads into the opening track, “Walk All Over Me,” and although the first song doesn’t sound quite as theatrical as the intro right off the bat, once the chorus hits, you’ll find yourself hooked. Not only are the multiple vocal parts captivating, but the chorus is really where the song blooms. Ending “Walk All Over Me” is some strong guitar work and the line, “You just want attention/You’re just like the rest,” which then leads perfectly into the following song.

After “Walk All Over Me” is “#yourdemons,” which begins slow and haunting with the line, “Give me a break/Was it an honest mistake/Or are you craving attention?” Although the transition between the haunting intro to the rest of the track may sound a little rough, the themes of “Walk All Over Me” flow seamlessly into this song, which takes on a more aggressive and frustrated sound. Easily the strongest track on this EP, however, is the following track, “Falling Out,” which gives us a well-rounded look at Tonight We Rise. Standout guitar work brings the track in while strong, relatable lyrics (which quickly become a staple in the band’s sound) carry it forward - see lines like, “You’ve just been holding me back for too long/I’m getting better and it’s time to let you go.” The only real downside on this track and the EP comes in some of the verses, which can tend to sound a little safe and held back vocally. Thankfully, the choruses really save the day, though, with passion and emotion really shining through. The high point in “Falling Out” comes later in the explosive bridge, passionate and rage-filled unclean vocals really hitting home.

Following “Falling Out” is the band’s strong cover of “Team,” which gives listeners a glimpse of a light-hearted side of Tonight We Rise before the end and provides an explosive ending. If you’ve never had the chance to listen to Tonight We Rise, now is the chance to do so. Within only three  songs, the band easily establishes their sound while telling a story about getting better and moving on from a toxic relationship. If this is what they’re capable of with an EP, things can only go up with a full-length.

Rating: 4/5

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