Nine Shrines - Misery

Review by Nina Schirmer

With the release of their new EP, Nine Shrines are setting themselves up for greatness. Misery is an EP full of many different elements of the rock and roll genre, giving any rock fan something to really enjoy and something to take with them. Kicking off the EP is the song “Bend” with it’s slower intro that picks up and dives in with an electronic twist lingering throughout the song, giving Nine Shrines more of a unique sound. 

The second song on the EP, “King of Mercy,” is a striking and hard hitting track that includes many different musical components that come together and fill this song with power. This track has a little bit of everything from quick verses and anthemic vocals, to a guitar solo and an epic buildup leading to an intense breakdown. The overall production of this EP really shines on this track. 

The intensity that the EP started with seems to slow down a bit with the start of the third track, “Parasite.” As the song continues it eventually picks back up with a slow bridge that escalates into a fierce breakdown followed by a sharp guitar solo. The EP then takes a different turn with the slower more melodious song, “Lost” that still maintains the edgy sound of Nine Shrines. 

Bringing this EP to an end is the song, “Misery” that will leave you wishing this EP was a full length album so you can continue listening. Be on the lookout for Nine Shrines because this EP is only the beginning of how far they can go. 

Rating 4.5/5

Listen to "King of Mercy"


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