The Hunna - 100

Review by Shannon Shumaker

The fifteen tracks on the The Hunna’s new album 100 may seem a bit daunting at first, but trust me, once you get four songs in, you’re going to want it to last forever. 100 practically feels like summer. Catchy, anthemic choruses soar through your speakers with ease and with each passing track, listeners are bound to find a new favorite song.

Opening 100 is the wildly energetic and fun-loving “Bonfire,” which will hook you immediately with blunt, honest lyrics, captivating vocals and a massive, explosive chorus. This catchy track will have fans singing along in no time, and even though summer is just coming to a close, it’ll serve as the perfect summer anthem with lines like, “We blew up like a bonfire/And nothing’s gonna feel the same/Cause our love is going up in flames.” Following “Bonfire” is “We Could Be,” which keeps the energy moving forward without missing a beat, and from there, things just keep getting better and better.

“She’s Casual,” the third track, offers listeners a slower, more intimate sound from The Hunna, but grows bigger and bigger as the track goes on, leading to quite possibly one of the strongest songs on the album, “You & Me.” This fourth song is a total summer love song, carried by the strong chorus and lines like, “You and me/We are wild and we are free,” which will have you singing along in no time.

There really isn’t one boring moment on 100, making for an incredible, high energy and fun-loving listen. Just when you think things couldn’t get better after “You & Me,” The Hunna follow things up with the poppy and upbeat, “Piece By Piece,” carried by strong bass and guitar work. Even slower songs like “Waiting” aren’t boring by any means. In fact, “Waiting” gives listeners time to catch their breath before diving into the second half of 100. “Brother” then follows suit with a more emotionally powerful and slower sound. Suddenly, you’re nine songs into 100 and there hasn’t been one weak moment. Just when the album threatens to become a little exhausting as The Hunna pump out track after high energy track, it relents with slower songs like “Waiting” and “Brother,” that give you a little bit of breathing room.

And thankfully, the album isn’t without quite a bit of diversity, either. The mellow and stripped down “Sycamore Tree” isn’t necessarily something you’d expect to hear judging just from the first few tracks on 100, but eleven songs in, it makes complete sense. Not only that, but the sound of birds chirping in the background of the song sets the tone alongside soft guitar and emotional vocals. From “Sycamore Tree,” things definitely slow down and become a bit more emotional before the end, but it’s a welcome change and a testament to The Hunna’s songwriting capabilities. And much like the first half of the album, the end isn’t without a few surprises. It’s apparent that the band still has a few tricks up their sleeve when “Bad For You” comes in with darker, distorted guitars and a very different feeling from the rest of the album.

There honestly isn’t one boring moment on 100. Every song on The Hunna’s latest release serves a purpose and gets the job done. From anthemic tracks like the infectious “You & Me” to the emotional “Sycamore Tree” and the grungy ending found in “Rock My Way,” The Hunna are sure to blow you away.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "You & Me" or "Sycamore Tree"


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