No Better - ...Forget Me Not

Review by Dillon Crader

Straight from Redlands, California, No Better comes out with a very catchy, elegant and mind-blowing emo EP, …Forget Me Not. The four-piece band put their all into the first track, not holding anything back. The guitar tone and melodies really set the mood instantly, not to mention the heart wrenching lyrics that follow shortly after. “Linger” not only immediately fills you with emotion, but it has one of the catchiest choruses that I have heard in this genre of music and was stuck in my head for days after my first listen to the EP. 

The second track, “Miracle,” continues the same vibe that the first track delivers, but with a very somber sound. This song has a very relaxed bass riff that really makes the song flow very naturally. The emphasis on the lead guitar on the second song is also an amazing touch. The only weakness in this song are the sound effects, sort of like a backwards looping sound, that gets thrown in a couple of times and sort of throws off the concentration of the song. “Better Man,” however, hosts very simplistic and catchy guitar riffs throughout the song. The different elements and uses of instrumentation that No Better use in the song are incredible - it sounds like a very high-pitched synthesizer or keys are being playing for the lead in the second verse, which is a interesting touch. 

The last track, “Not Enough,” paints a picture in your head of many memories - both good and bad. I haven’t really touched upon that the lyrics, which really carry this EP, and are particularly strong in this song. Almost every track doesn’t do anything super crazy or over the top musically but still delivers, and that’s what makes ...Forget Me Not so great. No Better keep it basic and focus on deep lyrics that will resonate with listeners. I know that it gets said a lot, but I 100% believe this an album that is going to blow you away - don't wait on this release.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Linger"


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