Dreamers - This Album Does Not Exist

Review by Nina Schirmer

With their debut album titled, This Album Does Not Exist, Dreamers are starting strong. Kicking off the album with the first track “DRUGS,” Dreamers can easily get anyone singing along to it’s catchy chorus. With an already recurring theme of partying, the second track, “Never Too Late to Dance” continues the happy and fun sound of the album and keeps things moving forward. The most memorable song on this album, “Sweet Disaster” is a high point with a striking bridge leading to a really unique and smooth chorus that are mainly driven by the lively instrumentation. 

This Album Does Not Exist then jumps to a more upbeat song, “Pain Killer.” Lead by catchy guitar work and repetitive lyrics, this song will leave any listener singing it long after it is over. The following track, “Wolves (You Got Me)” starts out a lot slower and more melodic than the previous song and gains a more psychedelic sound as it continues, making it a really enjoyable listening experience. The sixth track on the album, “Cry Out For Me,” builds up to a really upbeat chorus which is the real strong point in the entirety of the track. The next song, “Lucky Dog” is a cute, happy song about how a he is lucky to have a girl that all of his friends would want to be with. 

The eight track, “Shooting Shadows” has a more unique sound compared to the other songs on the album and almost sounds darker. The song is heavily carried by the heavier drums on and it’s pronounced bass line. The album then jumps to the track, “Last Night On Earth.” Around this point in This Album Does Not Exist, the songs seem to lack a spark that the first couple of songs on the album shined with. However, the next track, “To The Fire” picks thing back up with its calming melodies and its more upbeat chorus and vocals that really seem to stand out. The second to last track on this album, “Come Down Slow” has the perfect kind of vibes that make you want to listen while driving towards the sunset or by the beach. 

Closing things with the song, “Little New Moon,” Dreamers conclude This Album Does Not Exist with even more energy and fun upbeat instrumentals. The fresh, alternative, summer vibes that the release of This Album Does Not Exist will bring to all listeners are a great way to end the season and will continue to keep the feelings of summer alive as fall quickly approaches. 

Rating: 4/5

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