Minden - Sweet, Simple Things

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Minden’s Sweet, Simple Things sounds just as the title suggests. This album flows with ease through your speakers, lulling you into relaxation while providing you with groovy, sometimes very sensual tunes that are perfect for hot summer afternoons. Although on the surface, Sweet, Simple Things sounds rather smooth, sweet and innocent, there is a hint of danger and sexuality to the album that gives it just the right amount of edge to keep you interested.

The perfect opener for Sweet, Simple Things is “Real Sugar,” which introduces you to Minden’s groovy and sensual sound within seconds. The retro synth and smooth guitar blend effortlessly together, all under soft, sweet vocals that fit the theme of the song perfectly as vocalist, Casey Burge croons, “I want the real sugar.”

Following the easygoing opening track is the more upbeat “Artist Statement,” spearheaded by fun drumming and 80’s sounding synths. Where “Real Sugar” is sticky sweet, “Artist Statement” begins to show us a that darker, more dangerous side of Minden. This song is likely to make you eager to hear more, and thankfully, there are seven more tracks to keep you satisfied. Although things stay relatively mellow and low key for the first few tracks, there are definitely some stand outs. “Love Is Bad,” for instance, is dangerous, but poppy and catchy at the same time.

Sweet, Simple Things progresses with ease. As a whole, this album is very easy to listen to, carried by soothing, sensual high vocals, soft guitar work and dreamy synth that will transport you to another world. The only downside in this is that many songs on the album can also tend to sound similar or blend together. However, if you’re looking for the perfect album to lounge around to on hot summer days, look no further. Sweet, Simple Things is exactly what you need, and it’s not without some standouts.

“Never Spayed,” for instance, is a strong point on the album because of the stunning high vocals that carry it forward. In fact, everything about this song is gorgeous, from the flawless harmonies to playful poetic lyrics and strong drumming. The only thing that can possibly show up “Never Spayed” is the album’s title track, which comes one song later. “Sweet, Simple Things” is the perfect blend of soft and dangerous, innocent and sexual. The "sweet, simple things" on this album can range from choosing just the right soda pop to pleasing a lover, and Minden manage to pull off the contrasting themes effortlessly. 

Bringing Sweet, Simple Things to a strong close is the groovy, upbeat, “All The Girls” and the following bass and guitar driven, “Like That’s Okay,” both showcasing a bit more diversity from Minden right before the end. Sweet, Simple Things may not be explosive or monumental by any means, but it is incredibly intimate, personal and emotional, making it an incredible listen.

Rating: 4/5

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