My Iron Lung - Learn To Leave

Review by Nina Schirmer

Starting off the album with a slow, hypnotic guitar riff, My Iron Lung’s soothing melodies can easily hook any listener on their new album, Learn to Leave. The first track, “In Hiding” has a captivating intro that leads into the more powerful song on the album. The next track and also title track has vocals that continue with a similar storytelling sound. Even though the lyrics are screamed, My Iron Lung's sound is softer because of the way they are balanced with the instrumentals. The third track on the album, “Damage” has a beautiful mix of vocals that shine throughout the chorus. The additional focus on the clean vocals to this track adds to the soothing sound from My Iron Lung. 

The fourth track on Learn To Leave, “The Same House,” has a heavier and more emotional grip with a more intense chorus, followed by “Somnium,” which floats through with clever and creative lyrics that really stand out. The album then transitions to “A Reason to Worry.” This song is a highlight for what makes My Iron Lung really unique, with the way they tell a story through their lyrics and highlight the feeling of it through their beautiful instrumentation. 

“Mend” then starts off with a really strong intro and dissolves into the repetitive and slow sound that the is a strong point on the album. After reaching this point in the album, the theme of “scars” becomes apparent in many of the lyrics.

The eighth track, “Sleep Cycle Blues” is a really pretty track, with lyrics that really stand out when the words, “just let it all go” are sung out with profound emotion. The next two songs on the album, “When Tragedy Strikes” and “Anchorage” seem to flow perfectly with their chilled out sounds. The strange yet unique thing about My Iron Lung is how they can deliver a song with force and aggression through their vocals and occasionally through their instrumentation, but can also provide a relaxing listening experience that you can enjoy whenever. 

Learn To Leave then comes to an end with the song, “Certainty.” Each track on this album maintains a similar sound that it seems My Iron Lung have been striving to achieve. The band has an incredible sound and are definitely one to look out for as they continue to grow as a band. 

Rating: 5/5

Listen to: "Sleep Cycle Blues"


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