Finding Common Ground - Emergence

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Finding Common Ground’s new EP, Emergence may be short, but it’s definitely sweet. With only three songs, the Denver pop-punk band has provided the perfect, emotional follow-up to their last EP, The Time That’s Passed and have managed to tell a story at the same time.

Opening Emergence is the bright and beautiful, “Topsoil,” and Finding Common Ground waste no time before delivering and then some. Musically, “Topsoil” is one of the group’s strongest tracks to date, carried by stunning, sweeping guitar work, urgent drumming and back and forth vocals coupled with stunning harmonies that will leave you wanting to hit repeat. On top of that, “Topsoil” successfully introduces the theme of these three songs, which is about saying goodbye to a negative headspace and doing what’s best for yourself.

Following the uplifting “Topsoil” is the slightly darker “Cardboard Homes.” The second song is bittersweet and full of longing, but follows the theme of the EP and feels like moving on. Much like “Topsoil,” the vocal harmonies in “Cardboard Homes” really shine, driving the lyrical content home and making you really feel the internal struggle in this track.

Not only does Emergence feel very full and complete despite the fact that it’s only three songs in length, but it also provides listeners with a diverse array of sounds from Finding Common Ground. From the upbeat and hopeful opener to the emotional middle track, all the way to the powerful acoustic closer, “Years Ago,” these songs may all sound very different, but they flow into one another with ease and really follow a common theme and story. Emergence marks a new beginning for Finding Common Ground, and after these three songs, you’re going to be eager to know what comes next.

Rating: 5/5

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