Vinyl Theatre - STARCRUISER

STARCRUISER is a game-changer for Milwaukee indie-pop band, Vinyl Theatre. Taking a step (or ten) away from the sound that they established on their poppy 2014 release, Electrogram and even 2017’s Origami, STARCRUISER feels larger than life, electric and incredibly dynamic.

Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs - Half-Expected Heartbreak

Warm, confident and comfortable, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs’ new EP, Half-Expected Heartbreak is the perfect continuation of the sound established on their debut full-length, The Beautiful and the Damned. The EP is only five songs in length, but within those five songs, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs manage to tell a story and make you feel right at home.

Tolstoy - Loss

Creating an impactful release with only three songs can be a challenge for most bands, especially when introducing their sound to new listeners, but Denver indie/ambient band Tolstoy certainly rise to the occasion on their new EP, Loss.

PVMNTS - Better Days

Los Angeles pop-punk trio PVMNTS have solidified their place in the scene with their energetic and timeless debut EP, Better Days. The release, which draws obvious influence from early 2000’s pop-punk, is brimming with emotion and energy from start to finish.

Blue October - I Hope You're Happy

Those who haven’t kept up with Blue October in recent years might not recognize them at first on their latest release, I Hope You’re Happy, but truth is, they’re more themselves now than they’ve ever been. Comprised of twelve stunning, cinematic, vulnerable and uplifting tracks, I Hope You’re Happy finds the band utilizing creative songwriting and orchestral elements to explore their lowest lows but most importantly, their highest highs.

Belmont - Belmont

Chicago’s Belmont are easily one of the most exciting bands to break into the pop-punk scene in recent years. With an energy that rivals artists like The Story So Far, Such Gold or Set Your Goals, they remind fans why they fell in love with the genre to begin with. The band’s self-titled debut LP showcases their high energy, emotional and catchy as hell sound while also pushing the boundaries on what most would consider pop-punk in hip-hop and pop influenced stand-outs.

Neil Frances - Took A While

Dreamy, warm and inviting, Took A While, the latest EP from LA duo Neil Frances arrives just in time for the tail end of summer. Although it is only six songs in length, Neil Frances manage to transport you to a different world and a more relaxed mindset with this release.

As It Is - The Great Depression

Honest is the perfect word to describe As It Is’ latest album, The Great Depression. Filled to the brim with personal struggles and triumphs, fear, loss, anger and hope, The Great Depression is a soundtrack for the misfits and those who want to get better but aren’t sure where to start.

Spooky Cool - Every Thing Ever

It’s impossible to classify or describe Spooky Cool’s new EP, Every Thing Ever with just a few simple words, and that’s what makes it a must-listen. By blending elements of fuzzy post-punk with metal and math rock, Spooky Cool create a complex listen that feels longer than only five songs and will leave you fulfilled by the time it comes to a close.

Kevin Devine / David Bazan - Devinyl Splits No. 8

Since 2015, Kevin Devine has been teaming up with his friends and fellow musicians for Devinyl Splits, and three years later, he’s still pushing boundaries with the eighth entry in the series. This time, Devine finds himself covering songs from Now, Now’s 2012 release, Threads alongside David Bazan of Pedro The Lion.

Real Friends - Composure

Composure, the newest release from Illinois pop-punk band Real Friends feels like an emotional punch to the gut. Driven by a well rounded, matured sound and powerful lyrical content, Composure not only finds Real Friends stepping out of their comfort zone sonically but also touching on some very personal topics like mental health, self-love and growth.

Covet - effloresce

Delicate and hard hitting, complex yet incredibly soothing, Covet’s newest release, effloresce finds the San Francisco trio at their best. Although it is only six songs in length, effloresce not only feels incredibly full, but it also shows a lot a growth following the band’s 2015 release, Currents.

Didirri - Measurements

Australian breakout singer-songwriter Didirri takes the saying “quality over quantity” to heart on his stunning new EP, Measurements. While the EP is only six songs in length, it is filled to the brim with powerful, emotional and cinematic songwriting.

Homesafe - One

I first heard about Homesafe because I’m a giant fan of Knuckle Puck and had heard that one of the members had started a side project. So of course, I was expecting something fairly Knuckle-Puck-esque with Homesafe’s first full-length release, something with a ton of energy that just made you want to sing along—which is the basic allure of pop-punk, right?

Vacationer - Mindset

Vacationer pick up right where they left off on their new album, Mindset. Four years removed from their last release, Relief, and the band, fronted by mastermind Kenny Vasoli, haven’t missed a beat. In fact, Mindset hosts a little bit of everything that fans fell in love with to begin with - dreamy vocals, warm instrumentals and a retro, hazy tone - but also finds Vacationer stepping out of their comfort zone more than ever. It’s the perfect natural progression and arrives just in time for summer.

Panic! At The Disco - Pray For The Wicked

Panic! At The Disco have done it again. Their latest effort, Pray For The Wicked takes the pop sensibilities and theatricality of their 2016 release, Death Of A Bachelor to the next level with big brass, horns and incredible percussion paired with frontman Brendon Urie’s larger than life vocals.

State Champs - Living Proof

Since their formation in 2010, State Champs have been gradually reshaping the world of pop-punk, and their new album, Living Proof finds the band emerging bigger and better than ever, and ready to take on the world. Easily the band’s most ambitious release thus far, Living Proof is State Champs at their strongest.

Mayday Parade - Sunnyland

Sunnyland is the perfect album to jumpstart your summer. Nostalgic, catchy, a little bittersweet and incredibly emotional, the sixth studio album from Mayday Parade packs a punch and hits you right in the heart.

lil aaron - ROCK$TAR FAMOU$

Whether this is your first time listening to lil aaron or if you’re already a fan, his newest EP, ROCK$STAR FAMOU$ is the perfect glimpse into his world. Short sweet and to the point, ROCK$STAR FAMOU$ finds lil aaron diving deep emotionally one second and letting loose the next, leaving no questioning exactly who he is.