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Aviary Girl - Nocturnal Phase

Denver indie/emo rock group, Aviary Girl combines the talented forces of some of Colorado’s best local acts (Silver & Gold, Monteneros, and Prepare the Joust) for a timeless and cathartic listen on their newest EP, Nocturnal Phase.

The Hollow - Contact

There isn’t another band quite like The Hollow in the Denver music scene, and their new EP, Contact, further cements their place in the industry, finding an incredible blend of theatrical harmonies and manic, unbridled energy.

The Faim - Summer Is A Curse EP

With their debut EP, Summer Is A Curse, The Faim are quickly establishing themselves as 2018's next breakout rock band. Exploding with their massive and anthemic hit single, “Summer Is A Curse” before taking listeners through an insanely dynamic journey within only six songs, The Faim don’t hold back on their debut release, and it sure as hell pays off.

Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs - Half-Expected Heartbreak

Warm, confident and comfortable, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs’ new EP, Half-Expected Heartbreak is the perfect continuation of the sound established on their debut full-length, The Beautiful and the Damned. The EP is only five songs in length, but within those five songs, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs manage to tell a story and make you feel right at home.

Tolstoy - Loss

Creating an impactful release with only three songs can be a challenge for most bands, especially when introducing their sound to new listeners, but Denver indie/ambient band Tolstoy certainly rise to the occasion on their new EP, Loss.

PVMNTS - Better Days

Los Angeles pop-punk trio PVMNTS have solidified their place in the scene with their energetic and timeless debut EP, Better Days. The release, which draws obvious influence from early 2000’s pop-punk, is brimming with emotion and energy from start to finish.

Neil Frances - Took A While

Dreamy, warm and inviting, Took A While, the latest EP from LA duo Neil Frances arrives just in time for the tail end of summer. Although it is only six songs in length, Neil Frances manage to transport you to a different world and a more relaxed mindset with this release.