The Backseaters - Phantom EP

Phantom is the perfect four song snapshot of Denver indie-rock band, The Backseaters. Complete with dreamy guitar work, memorable choruses and introspective lyricism, the Phantom EP is incredibly easy to listen to, but will also leave you longing for more by the time it comes to an end.

William Ryan Key - Thirteen

There’s nothing that can compare to growing up with one of your favorite bands, witnessing them change and evolve and eventually, watching as they go their separate ways. In a way, it almost feels as if you’re on the same journey, as if you’re right there with them every step of the way, so for any long-time Yellowcard fans, it’ll be impossible not to feel a bit emotional when listening to William Ryan Key’s new solo EP, Thirteen.

Viretta - The Fear

Viretta fight their fears on their aptly titled full length album, The Fear, but not in the way you’d expect. Although many songs (see “Cordyceps” and the eerie two-parter “The Garden’s Over”) evoke a feeling of unease, the majority of The Fear plays with ease, dancing back and forth between soothing and startling.

morgxn - vital

morgxn bares his soul on his debut album, vital. Tender, emotional and powerful, these eleven tracks find morxn navigating love and loss, picking up the pieces and finding himself. Between massive pop anthems like “translucent” and “home” and intimate ballads like “me without you,” morgxn not only creates songs that are relatable but also showcases his impressive vocal and sonic range.

Somme - Somme

LA alt-pop artist Somme is destined for greatness. Emerging onto the scene with her moody and vulnerable self-titled EP, Somme draws obvious influence from artists like Lorde and Robyn, but twists her synth-driven sound to make it all her own. Coupled with personal lyricism and a perfect balance between light and dark, and you’ve got a stunning debut EP.

Parkway Drive - Reverence

Parkway Drive’s new album, Reverence is nothing short of epic. On their darkest and most experimental release yet, the band faces death and loss head-on, making for a theatrical and crushing listen.

SYCDVK - Lurking Earthlings

Short, sweet and to the point, Denver’s SYCDVK transport you to another universe with their new EP, Lurking Earthlings. Like their debut EP, Aubrey, Lurking Earthlings is a concept release, and SYCDVK waste no time weaving a vibrant and unique story on this release. Throughout these five songs, the band explores humanity through the eyes of alien visitors, making for a wild listen from start to finish.

Violet Night - Colours Of You

Violet Night have used stunning soundscapes to transcend genre and create their diverse and accessible debut album, Colours Of You. With a sound that rides the line between artists like The Honorary Title, Dashboard Confessional and even Angels & Airwaves at times, Violet Night quickly prove that they’re capable of almost anything while still staying true to themselves on this release.

courtship. - Denial in Paradise

Indie pop duo, courtship. have already made quite a name for themselves in 2018, and their debut album, Denial in Paradise only continues to solidify their place in the scene. Complete with dreamy synth, groovy bass and incredibly stunning falsetto vocals, courtship. are paving their way to the forefront of the blossoming pop scene with this release.

Mojave Nomads - Phases

Mojave Nomads are truly one of a kind, and their new EP, Phases just goes to show that they’ve got quite a few tricks up their sleeves. The Utah pop-rock band’s timeless sound, complete with bright synth, groovy bass and incredibly unique vocal work is fully explored on this six song release.

Hawthorne Heights - Bad Frequencies

Reinvention doesn’t always have to be drastic, and Hawthorne Heights are proving that on their new album, Bad Frequencies. With a five year gap between their last full-length and the new release, the band has had the time to take a step back and make a few tweaks to their sound without forgetting their roots, and the result is a very upbeat and catchy release that comes just in time for spring and summer.

We Are Scientists - Megaplex

We Are Scientists’ sixth full-length album, Megaplex is easily their most exciting release to date. Filled with catchy dance-rock hits, guitar-driven bangers and everything in between, Megaplex simply feels fun.

Russell James - Wave/Water

The best songs are the ones that you can connect with and the best albums are the ones that tell a story, so it’s no surprise that Russell James’ new album, Wave/Water is an incredibly powerful and touching release. Spearheaded by incredibly vulnerable lyricism and filled out with soulful vocals and a timeless Americana/folk sound, Wave/Water tells a story of struggle, but most importantly, resilience. With a hint of hope to each song on this release, Russell James promises listeners that things will get better, and until they do, you have his shoulder to lean on and these songs to light the way.

A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant

Eat The Elephant, A Perfect Circle’s first new album in nearly fourteen years is a perfect reintroduction to a band that have been pushing the boundaries of their music since the very beginning. The stunning, cinematic twelve song effort finds the band making a realistic yet incredibly optimistic commentary on at the world's current state of affairs and humanity’s shortcomings while experimenting with their sound more than ever before. 

Gang Of Four - Complicit

Gang Of Four prove that they’re still a force to be reckoned with on Complicit, their first new material in three years. Only four songs in length, Complicit wastes no time getting right down to it, both sonically and lyrically. These tracks are politically charged and catchy as hell, from the thumping opener, “Lucky” to the nearly psychedelic “I’m A Liar.” Each song on the EP tells a story, but it’s not passive by any means - instead, it serves as a commentary on modern society delivered with a catchy beat that you can dance to. It’s so 2018, and in the best way possible.

Animal Flag - Void Ripper

Although it can feel very dark and desolate at times, Animal Flag’s new album, Void Ripper is filled with light and hope. Through songs that tell a story of finding meaning and purpose in life, Void Ripper feels like a push and pull between succumbing to feelings of hopelessness and rising from the ashes to find something worth living for. Incredibly raw, both sonically and emotionally, this album will rip you open before making you feel whole once more.

Ripe - Joy In The Wild Unknown

Ripe have made one hell of an entrance with their debut full-length album, Joy In The Wild Unknown. Filled to the brim with soulful vocals, wild guitar work, groovy bass and a vibrant horn section, Joy In The Wild Unknown is sure to lift your spirits no matter what mood you’re in and will take you on a sonic journey by the time it comes to an end.

Underoath - Erase Me

Underoath are reborn on their new album, Erase Me. The epitome of growth and change, Erase Me finds the band exploring new sounds and themes with their first new music to be released in eight years, and somehow, an album that sounds unlike anything Underoath has ever done is about as Underoath as it gets.

Spanish Love Songs - Schmaltz

The scariest yet most comforting feeling in the world is hearing an album for the first time and thinking, “Wow, this is me,” and for me, that record is Spanish Love Songs’ newest release, Schmaltz. By touching on incredibly personal subjects like depression, anxiety, guilt and the internal battle that comes along with struggling with these issues, Spanish Love Songs have created a painfully relatable and cathartic release.

Son Survivor - Age Of Conscience

Denver metal band Son Survivor have crafted a very well rounded and timeless release with their new full-length album, Age Of Conscience. Carried by powerful vocals, spectacular guitar work and a rhythm section to be reckoned with, Age Of Conscience packs a punch from start to finish and finds a perfect balance between melodic moments and explosions of sound that’ll remind you why you fell in love with music like Son Survivor's to begin with.