Architects - Holy Hell

Architects’ new album, Holy Hell is monumental. In the face of immense pain and grief following the loss of Tom Searle, the band’s founding guitarist, principal songwriter and twin brother to drummer Dan, Architects have risen from the ashes to deliver a beautifully written and very cathartic release - something that both they and their fans need right now.

Silent Planet - When The End Began

When The End Began, the latest full-length release from Silent Planet is the full package. From an intense, eerie mood that encompasses the entire album to meaningful, heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrical content and the band’s willingness to try new things coupled with powerful vocal work, When The End Began is sure to be a game-changing release for the metalcore genre.

VHS Collection - Retrofuturism

In a world driven by singles, EPs and short attention spans, it takes a lot to get listeners to sit down and fully listen to a full-length album, but VHS Collection’s debut album, Retrofuturism is one that’ll be easy to listen to from start to finish.

Justin Courtney Pierre - In The Drink

For fans of Motion City Soundtrack, it will be impossible not to compare Justin Courtney Pierre’s debut solo album to the band’s work over their nearly 20-year career, but thankfully, In The Drink takes a step away from the sounds that most listeners are familiar with in favor of something new and exciting.

Polyphia - New Levels New Devils

Attempting to create anything new or exciting can be difficult for many artist. Combining genres has become a trendy method of achieving this goal, but very few artists can pull this off in a way that is cohesive and exciting for listeners.

mewithoutYou - [Untitled]

The well of inspiration has not run dry for Philadelphia Post-Hardcore band mewithoutYou. Despite the release of six unique full-length albums since their formation in 2001, [Untitled] feels like yet another engrossing chapter in their body of work.

The Hollow - Contact

There isn’t another band quite like The Hollow in the Denver music scene, and their new EP, Contact, further cements their place in the industry, finding an incredible blend of theatrical harmonies and manic, unbridled energy.

Tilian - The Skeptic

It comes as no surprise that Tilian continues to push himself vocally and break down barriers between genres on his third full-length album, The Skeptic, but that doesn’t mean that these ten songs are predictable.

The Story So Far - Proper Dose

Three years of writing, recording and reshaping their sound has certainly paid off for The Story So Far, who have returned with Proper Dose, their most mature, refined and musically solid album to date. Their first full-length since the release of their self-titled album in 2015, Proper Dose not only sees The Story So Far exploring a wide range of new sounds, but also finds Parker Cannon opening up lyrically and showcasing some of his best vocal work of his career.

Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises

It would be a miracle if you made it this far into 2018 without hearing about Pale Waves. With their own stunningly unique brand of shimmering, emotional pop music, the soon to be iconic band have cultivated a cult following and incredibly devoted fanbase, and all before the release of their debut full-length, My Mind Makes Noises.

Boston Manor - Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Any time a band makes a drastic change in their sound, it can be daunting for both the listener and artist alike, but Welcome To The Neighbourhood, the new album from Blackpool-based five-piece Boston Manor couldn’t feel more confident.

The Faim - Summer Is A Curse EP

With their debut EP, Summer Is A Curse, The Faim are quickly establishing themselves as 2018's next breakout rock band. Exploding with their massive and anthemic hit single, “Summer Is A Curse” before taking listeners through an insanely dynamic journey within only six songs, The Faim don’t hold back on their debut release, and it sure as hell pays off.

Vinyl Theatre - STARCRUISER

STARCRUISER is a game-changer for Milwaukee indie-pop band, Vinyl Theatre. Taking a step (or ten) away from the sound that they established on their poppy 2014 release, Electrogram and even 2017’s Origami, STARCRUISER feels larger than life, electric and incredibly dynamic.

Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs - Half-Expected Heartbreak

Warm, confident and comfortable, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs’ new EP, Half-Expected Heartbreak is the perfect continuation of the sound established on their debut full-length, The Beautiful and the Damned. The EP is only five songs in length, but within those five songs, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs manage to tell a story and make you feel right at home.