Tigers Jaw & Pity Sex @ The Marquis Theater, 6/22/14 (photos and review)

Photos & Review: Tigers Jaw & Pity Sex US Tour
Featuring: Tigers Jaw & Pity Sex
The Marquis Theater, Denver, CO. 6/22/14

Photos by:
Jordan Altergott
Review by: Dillon Crader


As I am driving like a maniac to get downtown so I’m not late to the show, I can’t help but to notice that it is the perfect summer day for a show. The sun is out and it’s not too hot or too cold. As I arrive at the venue, I immediately jump in line with my friends and wait eagerly. The main reason I decided to attend the show was to see Pity Sex. With only two other bands playing, I was completely fine with attending a show just for one band, and as my friends and I make our way to the front of the venue, the first band to play is Wild Moth.

Today is the first day on tour for the San Francisco-based band. I had never listened to them before so I’m not really sure what to expect, but I figure I should enjoy them because they would be apart of the same kind of “emo-revival” music genre that I love. As predicted, I do really enjoy them. They’re very laid back and have a nice touch of grunge in the guitar, which is what stands out to me the most. The audience is very calm during Wild Moth’s set but when I look around, mostly everyone is bobbing their head or moving to the music. From where I am standing unfortunately, I can’t hear the vocals all that much, but it doesn’t stop me or anyone else in the crowd from enjoying the music.

After Wild Moth finishes their set, Pity Sex begins to set up and needless to say, I am excited. Plus, I am about to see one of my favorite musicians, Britty Drake, perform music that I love. As I am trying to hold in my excitement, Pity Sex finally begins to play. The crowd instantly starts to move and I get pushed to the front of the stage (I couldn’t be any happier) and, as expected, the band sounds amazing. The crowd is pretty into it, but once they begin to play “Coca Cola” the crowd loses it. Suddenly there are people crowd surfing, stage diving, and screaming the lyrics. And not only does the band sound amazing, but they also play my favorite song, “Drown Me Out”. The crowd’s vibe never dissipates and stays very active and positive during the whole set which makes for an amazing experience all together.

After Pity Sex leaves the stage, it is time for the well loved and respected Tigers Jaw. I honestly haven’t listened to Tigers Jaw much, so I decide to escape the anxious crowd and watch towards the back. Though I don’t know their music, I do have very high expectations for the band for two reasons. The first reason: They just released their album Charmer. I figure that a headlining band who just released an album and reached #49 on Billboard Top 200 has to have a lot of energy and passion. The second reason: Tigers Jaw has a very huge following and has been receiving a lot of hype over Tumblr. I know it is an odd reason but when a certain band is something you constantly see on your Tumblr dashboard, there comes a time where you have to see what the huge fuss is about, and let me tell you, I am not let down at all.

As a first time listener, I instantly fall in love with Tigers Jaw’s sound and vocals, but it really isn’t until they play “Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine” that they suck me in. In fact, the thing I did when I got home was download this song. Throughout the whole set, the crowd is basically a crazy pile of monkeys climbing over one another and screaming the lyrics. At one point, Ben’s microphone stand even gets knocked over and slams right into his mouth. Luckily he isn’t hurt and they continue through the song, keeping the set upbeat.  

Overall, the show is awesome and I have a great time, plus I gain two new bands that I like a lot now. The last thing that I will say about the Tigers Jaw show is that, being a Colorado native, I am very proud that I am part of a music scene that respects band members while they perform whether the band members are male or female and next time they come through Denver, I will definitely be there. 

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