The Glorious Sons @ The Marquis Theatre, 2/13/15

Review: The Glorious Sons
The Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO. 2/13/15

Review by: Shannon Shumaker

When The Glorious Sons took the stage in Denver, Colorado, it was apparent that many people in the crowd didn’t know what to expect. Because it was the band’s first time in the state, not many fans (most of them there to see headliners 10 Years) were familiar with The Glorious Sons. Admittedly, I wasn’t very familiar with them either, having only listened to a few of their songs before the show. So when the lights dimmed and the band walked on stage, it was to some clapping and a few half-hearted “woo”s from the crowd. Fast forward two songs, however, and the mood in The Marquis Theatre had changed drastically.

Right off the bat, it was difficult to take my eyes off the stage. Vocalist Brett Emmons absolutely commanded the room and it only took one song before he had the attention of nearly everyone in the crowd. Two songs in and with a call of “How are you doing Denver?” Emmons received quite a few more cheers and some more attention from the crowd. That, however, wasn’t enough for him, and shortly after, The Glorious Sons dove into another high energy track, more than ready to prove themselves to the crowd. Only a few songs into their set, it was apparent what made The Glorious Sons so commanding and captivating. Strong guitar riffs backed up spectacular vocal harmonies perfectly while the band maintained a wild energy and great chemistry on stage.

Four songs in, and Emmons asked the crowd again, “How you doing now, Denver?!” At that point, it was obvious that The Glorious Sons had won over just about everyone in the crowd. Track after track, The Glorious Sons not only delivered, but also put on an incredible show. Prompting crowd participation, Emmons would teach them simple lyrics to sing along, giving everyone instructions, and they were quick to listen. A high point in the band’s set was their song “White Noise.” Not only was it obvious a crowd-favorite (judging by the way the crowd easily participated in fist pumping and screaming “white noise” along with Emmons) but it was likely one of the band’s favorite songs to play as well. At the halfway mark during “White Noise,” Emmons dove into a short yet passionate speech about the status of the music industry, ending is with a yelled, “Do you believe in rock-n-roll?” which obviously earned an insane crowd response.

The energy that The Glorious Sons had on stage was insane and the way that Emmons managed to command a crowd was incredible. On top of that, every single member of the band was fun to watch. From dueling guitar solos to gorgeous vocal harmonies, The Glorious Sons did not disappoint. It’s not very often that I walk away from a show feeling blown away, but that’s how I felt about The Glorious Sons, and that was just an opening performance. It was almost impossible to believe that they weren’t the headlining act, and judging by the reactions of the crowd when Emmons asked one more time, “How are you feeling now, Denver?” it was apparent that they felt the same way.

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