Vance Joy @ The Gothic Theatre, 4/21/15

Photos & Review: Vance Joy
Featuring: Vance Joy & Kaleo
The Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO. 4/21/15

Photos and review by: Shannon Shumaker

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Upon walking up to The Gothic Theatre before Vance Joy’s show on Tuesday night, it was hard to tell that the show had been sold out for weeks. There were no long lines or fans waiting outside, but instead, a fairly empty looking box office and smoking section. Thirty minutes after doors opened, the venue was only half full and fans were still trickling in, and I was interested to see how the night would go. By the time the openers took the stage, however, the room seemed to fill up in the blink of an eye, and with good reason.

Icelandic four-piece Kaleo opened the show, and much to the support of the crowd. Though it seemed that not many people were familiar with the band - possibly due to the fact that they only just released the first single in the States - they won over the crowd almost immediately. The first song that the band played was a bit more upbeat, but it was with their second song, a Bon Iver-esque slower track with gorgeous high vocals, that they really seemed to gain the attention of the crowd, if the wild screams were anything to go by. Kaleo’s set was full of surprises, too. Following a song like their slow single, “All The Pretty Girls,” they transitioned easily into bluesy, rock-n-roll sounding songs and insane guitar solos without missing a beat.

Following Kaleo was the act that everyone was excited for - Vance Joy. Fresh off of their performance at Coachella, Vance Joy was on top of their game, and everyone in the crowd took notice. The band kicked off their set with a slower song, “From Afar,” which was the perfect way to ease fans into their stellar live performance. Once the full band came in and the lights brightened, it was as if the room really seemed to come alive, and that was only amplified as everyone began to cheer.

Song after song, Vance Joy’s sound was absolutely stellar and nearly album quality. It seemed that the energy in the venue really skyrocketed when the band played their third song, “Winds Of Change,” and it only seemed to get better from there. Of course, Vance Joy saved the best for last, though, ending their set on a high note with their massively popular single, “Riptide.” By the time that fans trickled out of the venue once more, it was with smiles on their faces and a pep in their step, and with good reason.

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