Crobot's Killer Guide to Colorado Food, Beer and Weed

Crobot's Killer Guide to Colorado Food, Beer and Weed

Sometimes, to get the best out of your home state, you have to think outside the box. No matter how long you've lived in Colorado, it seems like there's always something new to try, whether it's the hip new brewery down the street, a delicious restaurant in downtown Denver, or one of many dispensaries that litter the front range, and sometimes it takes an out-of-towner to show you the best places that have been right under your nose. Cue Crobot. The Pennsylvania-based rock group may not be Colorado natives, but the food, beer and weed experts might as well be. Having just stopped through the state in support of their new album (and aptly named) "Welcome To Fat City," out September 23rd, Crobot have had their fair share of Colorado eats, drinks and smokes and are happy to share their knowledge with locals and visitors alike. 

Here are the bands favorite stops to make in Colorado:

Being a band that is down with weed and craft beer, we froth in anticipation when we know we are stepping foot on Colorado soil. We frequent the Colorado Springs and Denver areas and will continue to make every excuse under the sun to make it back to what we call “The Promised Land” of CO.  

Although, we aren’t experts by any means on the lays of the land, we’ve done our fair share of getting stoned, drinking some great beers, and fillin’ our bellies right with some great grub.  

Here’s my three favorite spots when we make the ‘Orado rounds…

Denver, CO – The Green Solution & Jack N’ Grill – Federal Blvd. 

The first time we came to Denver after that golden (or green) moment when Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, we stopped to see the fine selection of strains from The Green Solution on Federal Boulevard.  The Agent Orange I got that day will forever hold a place in my lungs and heart.  After we stocked up on candies, drinks, concentrates, and flower, a few of us ventured to a little joint right down the road called Jack N’ Grill to put the axe to our stirring stomachs.  

This place is most known for their 7 lb. burrito challenge, but they have quite the eclectic menu selections from burgers to burritos to all-day breakfast.  Seeing the pictures covering the walls of the monster burrito and those who have conquered that tortilla-wrapped meat mountain, I opted for the tasty burger selection instead and went for the Jaxx burger.  Between those two buns was a 10 oz. patty of fresh ground chuck with guacamole, sour cream, bacon, fresh green chile, cheese, and god-damn deliciousness.  Seeing anything beer-battered on any menu is enticing and their battered onion rings did not disappoint, but if you want the best of both worlds, order “frings” for both onion rings and French fries.  BOOM!   

Jack N’ Grill has one of those menus that you could stare at for an hour before deciding, only to make a last second decision anyway.  Thankfully, it will be one that you won’t regret either way.  

Fort Collins, CO – Organic Alternatives & Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar

We had the pleasure recently of hitting Fort Collins and made our way to Organic Alternatives to score some skunky strains.   I informed the budtender I was looking for a strain to “keep me creative,” a nice sativa perfect for daytripping.  What he suggested was their Trainwreck which may very well be the cheesiest nuggets I’ve ever smelled.  It most definitely did not disappoint.  I also opted for the suggested couch melting creeper in the Banana OG Kush.  Those stanky, funky buds put us in sleeper mode.   Which is perfect for the outside the hotel nightcap. 

I had a hunkering for some seafood that day and ventured over to Jax Fish House for some of the best seafood I’ve ever had, no matter how far away from the ocean it is.  It was happy hour and upon seeing their blackened ahi tuna tacos on special, I had to snag me one of those!  Add in a cup of chicken and crawfish gumbo and a golden beet salad and I was out for the count.  Good thing I had some steamed mussels and peel ‘n’ eat shrimp to add to the mound of delicious foundation laid in the depths beneath my gullet.  

Wow.  Honestly, that was the best food of our entire last tour.  I will be frequenting Jax for some killer seafood any time I’m back in the Fort Collins area.  That’s one that will be hard to beat. 

Denver, CO - The Crooked Stave & The Source Eateries

Colorado, as astonishing as the weed as, also has some incredible breweries.   Now, I’m not much of a beer guy, I must admit.  However, I highly enjoy sours and the folks at the Crooked Stave in Denver have got some hellishly wicked sours.  There are some straight up lip-smackers.  Pair that with any of the delicious eateries directly in the same plaza as the Crooked Stave.  Then, head over to Comida for some insane Mexi-mess bowls or Acorn for a more upscale eatery.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong here! 

Colorado tops a great many list of things in my book.  Smoke some unsurpassable weed; grab some hellish eats, rinse and repeat. 

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