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Show Review: Shinedown Lights Up The Night

It was a gorgeous day at the Budweiser Events Center on March 20th. People were lined up at the doors, gaining entry for what to be one amazing show. Shinedown was heading their current world tour with support from Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria. When I first arrived, it wasn’t at full capacity but that quickly changed. 

Show Review: Pale Waves Fans Witnessed the Start of Something Special in Denver

Pale Waves are truly something else. That much was apparent when I first caught them live with The 1975 last spring, and it was solidified late last year when they came back through Denver to perform at the intimate Lost Lake Lounge. This week, the band stopped through Denver on their headlining tour to play to a packed crowd at the larger Larimer Lounge, and only minutes into their set, it was obvious that they’re well on their way to stardom. Hell, they’re kind of already there.

Show Review: Hoodie Allen Doesn't Hold Back on His Aptly Named "Hype" World Tour

Known for wild performances, crazy onstage antics and encouraging crowd participation, Hoodie Allen is expected to put on a one of a kind show, and he certainly didn’t disappoint at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado over the weekend. Despite the fact that the show fell on the same night that deadmau5 had sold-out Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Hoodie Allen not only drew a large, nearly sold out crowd to the show, but he also kept them entertained for well over an hour with a high energy twenty-something song set.

The Inaugural Engage Music Festival Shows Promise for the Future

Last weekend, twenty-one Colorado bands came together for the inaugural Engage Music Festival, which took over both stages at Summit Music Hall for twelve hours of non-stop local music. The concept of bringing together local artists for a day, or even a weekend-long music festival isn’t necessarily a unique idea, as any Colorado resident and music lover is at least somewhat familiar with festivals like The UMS and Westword Music Showcase, but what Engage founder Ben Weir did for the first year of this festival took guts. Spearheaded and funded almost entirely by himself and supported by friends that he has made over the years in the local music scene as the vocalist of alternative rock band Tonight We Rise, Weir essentially created this new festival from the ground up, booking all of the artists and finding every single sponsor on his own. Engage Music Festival certainly isn’t the first of its kind, but it’s definitely unique in its execution.

Show Review: A Love Letter to Enter Shikari & "Take to the Skies"

Earlier this week, I read an article which insinuated that although massive overseas, Enter Shikari are still struggling to find an audience in the states. But even before their headlining show in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their landmark album, Take to the Skies took place in Denver, I knew this wasn’t true. Nearly two years after their last performance in Colorado, the band still drew a large crowd and this was thanks in part to their insanely devoted fans.

Despite Sound Problems, Blink-182 Give Fans The Show of a Lifetime

When Mark Hoppus made a joke about playing in a tin can, it was obvious that he was poking fun at the name of Denver’s venue, the Pepsi Center, but even from the more expensive floor seats, his words rang true. Although I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life, this was my first concert at the Pepsi Center, but long before Blink-182, or their openers The All-American Rejects and A Day To Remember took the stage, I was already well aware that the venue is notorious for not having the greatest sound. Unfortunately, this was proven true throughout the night as sets were riddled with sound problems, but thankfully, each band’s performance (especially Blink-182’s) more than made up for the less than high quality sound system.

Colours @ The Bluebird Theater, 6/21/16

When I first heard that electronic two-piece Colours would be serving as direct support for Andy Black of Black Veil Brides’ solo headlining tour, I was surprised. Not because I didn’t think that the duo couldn’t handle it, but because it seemed like an interesting bill. Would Andy Black’s devoted fans welcome Colours with open arms, or would their performance fall flat on fans who were only excited for the headliner? I don’t know why I even questioned it, because as soon as vocalist Kyle Tamo opened his mouth at the band's Denver show, the crowd was in awe.

Pierce The Veil @ Summit Music Hall, 6/7/16

When Pierce The Veil came through Denver for the second date of their Misadventures tour, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The band dropped their new album, Misadventures less than a month prior, and were set to play it full, which seemed pretty risky. What if fans weren’t feeling it? What if they wanted to hear some older music? What would the turnout be like? Honestly, I don’t know why I wondered any of this, because it’s Pierce The Veil, for crying out loud. With such a dedicated fanbase (people were lining up outside the venue starting at four in the morning) it was no surprise that everyone knew every word to every song the band played, and with two strong supporting acts to open, the show was stellar from start to finish.

Thirdstory @ The Ogden Theatre, 5/12/16

Starting a set with a Taylor Swift cover is a sure fire way to gain my attention, and ThirdStory took “Style” - as well as 4 other covers to another level, with all three vocalists sometimes switching off and other times bringing their voices together for incredible harmonies. 

Jack's Mannequin @ The Ogden Theatre, 1/22/16

I’ve been to my fair share of ten year anniversary shows in the past couple of years, as it seems that some of my favorite albums are starting to hit that decade mark, but nothing compares to the emotional performance from Jack’s Mannequin at The Ogden Theatre in Denver this Friday night for their Everything In Transit ten year anniversary tour. When the small, ten city tour was announced back in November with a Colorado date on the list, it was no surprise that the date sold out almost immediately, and thankfully, the show absolutely lived up to my (and likely everyone else’s) high expectations.