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Willing To Die Tour @ The Marquis Theatre, 4/23/16

Gin Wigmore’s Willing To Die Tour is not one to be missed. Though it only consists of two artists - Wigmore and her band, and Chicago’s Matthew Santos - when the tour came through Denver on April 23rd, the night was flawless from start to finish. When arriving at the venue, I was more than pleased to see a line stretching down the block, as it was my first time seeing Gin Wigmore live, and I wasn’t certain what sort of crowd to expect. As soon as the show started, it was plain as day why The Marquis Theater was close to selling out.

Haste The Day @ The Marquis Theater, 5/29/15

Haste The Day played the second of four release shows for their new album, Coward in Denver on Friday night, and the turnout couldn’t have been better. As soon as the doors of The Marquis Theater opened up, fans were already lined up and piling in the venue for a good spot in front of the small stage. Having been sold out already for nearly a week, the show was bound to be packed full of excited and most of all, rowdy fans, both new and old.