INTERVIEW: Get to Know UK Alt-Rock Duo, The Diamond Lights

The Diamond Lights' work is never done, and that's perfectly okay with them. From working on their debut album, Twin City for the better part of seven years before it was finally ready for the world to hear, to their recently released Rome EP, which features a few different versions of their single, "Rome," the UK alternative rock duo are constantly hard at work writing and reinventing themselves.

INTERVIEW: Mitch Bradford Talks About His New Single, "Love is Kind" and Upcoming Debut Album

Pursuing music is a full-time commitment - something that singer-songwriter, Mitch Bradford learned early on. After being drawn to music in his hometown of Brownsville, TX at a young age, Bradford finally found his calling in California, and shortly after made the decision to charge head-on into his own music. Flash forward to 2018, and Bradford is hot on the heels of the release of his new single, "Love is Kind" with plans to release more new music and his debut album very soon. 

Jesse Kinch Opens up About the Journey to Create His Debut Album: "A Record Deal Is Replaceable but Your Heart, Soul and Integrity Aren’t"

Jesse Kinch certainly know what it means to follow your heart. From first picking up a guitar at only six years old to competing on and ultimately winning ABC's "Rising Star" to turning down a major record deal in order to stay true to himself, Kinch has had one hell of a journey and with each accomplishment or setback, he learns even more about himself and the music that he was born to create.

INTERVIEW: Get to Know Rising Denver Band, Vermillion Road

Music is all about writing what feels right, and Denver pop-rock band Vermillion Road are doing just that. Although they first began as a hard rock band, they're currently charging headfirst into 2018 with a fresh new sound and their sights set on establishing themselves as a powerful blend of pop and alternative rock.

INTERVIEW: Tom Walker Talks About "Leave a Light On," New Music & Plans for 2018

There are just some songs that hit you right in the chest from the first time you hear it, and Tom Walker's most recent single, "Leave a Light On" is one of those. The track, which is also the lead single of his upcoming debut album, was written as a way for the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist to express his support for his good friend dealing with addiction. And with over 50 million streams on Spotify and 30 million video views already, it's safe to say that the song resonates with listeners and strangers as well. 

Jack Grace Talks About His Goals for His New EP: "I'm Always Trying to Become a Better Writer"

Australian producer, singer-songwriter Jack Grace understands that music is all about growth. No matter what, no two songs that you write will ever sound exactly the same, and you're bound to change and evolve immensely between each album, which is why his upcoming EP, If I Tremble is his most carefully crafted release yet. Following his 2016 debut EP, RiverIf I Tremble finds Grace refining his sound and setting his sights on his future more than ever, and with a full-length already planned, it's safe to say that this won't be the last we hear from him. 

Q&A with Inara George: "The Record Is More Personal Than Most Things I’ve Ever Released"

Listening to a great album is a bit like looking into a stranger's soul, and that much can certainly be said about Inara George's newest album Dearest Everybody. Her first solo release since 2009's Accidental Experimental, Dearest Everybody began as a collection of deeply personal songs never intended for release, but ended up transforming into some of George's most powerful work to date.

Right On, Kid Talk About Their Growth on "Forever Missing Out": "We’re Excited for Everyone to Hear the Sound We’ve Developed"

Albuquerque pop-punk band Right On, Kid have grown quite a bit since their formation as an acoustic project three years ago. Following the release of their debut EP, On The Brighter Side Of Things, the five-piece has been hard at work honing in on their own signature sound and two years later, they're nearly ready to share their sophomore release, Forever Missing Out.

INTERVIEW: MGT's Mark Gemini Thwaite & Ashton Nyte Reflect on Creating Their New Album, "Gemini Nyte"

Gothic rock band MGT's new album, Gemini Nyte is the epitome of collaboration. After working together on guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite's solo project, it was only right that he and vocalist Ashton Nyte would team up once more for the epic full-length, which kicked off 2018 on the right foot for the band, and found them touring the U.S. throughout the month of March. Complete with with a wide range of sounds, from stadium-ready anthems to merging elements of electro-pop and grunge, Gemini Nyte covers a little bit of everything. 

INTERVIEW: Vile Assembly Remind Listeners That It's Time For Change on "Fattened By The Horrors Of War"

Vile Assembly are creating music with a purpose. With the release of their new album, Fattened By The Horrors Of War, the Liverpool-based punk band not only make their voices heard, but open up a dialogue between themselves and listeners by touching on a wide array of subjects such as homelessness, corruption, mental illness, corporate criminals and countless more. While the album is a powerful listen from start to finish, it's the message that Vile Assembly truly cares about. These songs are meant to inspire and encourage listeners to get involved and fight for the things that matter, and Vile Assembly is serious about being the catalyst for that change.

INTERVIEW: At Face Value Reflect on Stepping out of Their Comfort Zones on Their New EP, "Ivy and Echo"

At Face Value have gone through quite a few changes to get to where they are now. From member changes, a name change and miles of growth as musicians, this group has evolved a lot since the release of their 2016 EP, Thick As Thieves. Now, they're celebrating the release of their newest effort, Ivy And Echo, which finds At Face Value stepping out of their comfort zone more than ever before. 

Get to Know Indie-Pop Duo, The Born Love: "The Number One Goal for Us Has Always Been Making Something We Are Excited About"

Brand new indie-pop duo, The Born Love are doing things on their own terms. Their debut EP, Strange Days, out this Friday, March 30th, is the product of patience, hard work and determination. Not only did the duo self-produce their first release, giving them complete creative control over their music, but they also didn't put a time limit on the writing process, which meant they didn't have to force themselves into any deadlines, writing only what felt right and tweaking it as they saw fit.

INTERVIEW: The Great Heights Band Reflect on Growing With Their New Album, "rad-pop."

Nothing is more rewarding than creating something that you're proud of, and it's safe to say that The Great Heights Band know that feeling. Their sophomore release, rad-pop., out April 20th, not only finds the band growing immensely following 2015's Songs In Eastern Standard Timing, but also gave them the chance to have complete creative control over the final result. Self-produced and recorded, rad-pop. is the result of The Great Heights Band taking their time to create exactly what they wanted without worrying about what they should sound like.

The Mowgli's Discuss "Real Good Life" and Positivity: "We Want to Keep Setting an Example for Younger Generations"

If you're searching for a pick me up to save you from those lingering winter blues or maybe even just a quick distraction from the stresses of everyday life, then look no further. In February, The Mowgli's burst into 2018 with their uplifting new single, "Real Good Life" and with intimate tour dates underway and more new music coming soon, they're only going to keep the momentum going.