Michael Ricciardulli Discusses Juice's New EP, "Workin' on Lovin'" and Their Growth Over the Years

Boston-based, seven-piece band Juice is the epitome of a melting pot of sounds. After meeting as freshmen at Boston College, the group has been blending elements of rock, hip-hop and R&B (and many more) to create their one of a kind sound - one that is fully realized on their recently released EPWorkin' on Lovin'. The band's newest release finds them at their best, both sonically and emotionally. 

David Rosales Discusses the Journey to Create "Brave Ones": "I’m Convinced That This Album Needed That Time to Breathe"

Los Angeles Americana singer/songwriter David Rosales is no stranger to the music industry. After receiving a guitar from his grandfather for his 11th birthday, Rosales instantly fell in love with music and began writing songs of his own. Since then, he has been involved in many projects, including hard rock band Silent Treatment, the Americana duo David & Olivia, but his most recent passion project has been his emotional debut solo album, Brave Ones.

INTERVIEW: "Walking With Dogs" Marks a New Beginning for El Mar

A lot can change in just a few years, and El Mar mastermind Joey Primero is walking proof of just that. In the two years since the release of her debut EP, The Road (and even the few months since dropping her full-length, Try To Forget) Primero's world has gone through many transformations, and the result is her incredibly confident and honest forthcoming EP, Walking With Dogs

Prima Donna Talk About Growing With "S/T": "We Know Each Other Better Than Anyone Else Does"

There's no better way to kick off a new year than with new music, and LA garage rock band Prima Donna couldn't agree more. Following the release of their new album, S/T in March, these guys have been busier than ever, be it with Prima Donna or other projects (voclist Kevin Preston and drummer David S. Fields split their time between Prima Donna and The Longshot) and are gearing up for a busy summer and fall. 

Lettuce Discuss Their Upcoming "Rage Rocks" Show This Friday, June 8th: "Red Rocks is Sacred Ground"

This weekend, future funk collective, Lettuce will be kicking off a perfect summer with their headlining appearance at the third annual Rage Rocks alongside The Floozies. Over the years, Red Rocks has become a second home to Lettuce, who have performed at the historic venue five times. 2018's Rage Rocks marks the event's third year running, making this year's show a night to remember. 

Lost in Society Reflect on "Eager Heart" and Plan for the Future: "It Definitely Won't Be a Long Time Before Another Record Comes Out"

Lost In Society have returned with their new EP, Eager Heart and they're hell-bent on proving that they're here to stay. Having spent the last five years on the road, the band's Wiretap Records debut finds them at their best, and with more than six months left in 2018, this certainly won't be the last we hear from Lost In Society this year. 

INTERVIEW: Kurt Baker Combo Take Things to the Next Level on Their New Album, "Lets Go Wild!"

Madrid-based rock 'n' roll foursome Kurt Baker Combo just celebrated the release of their sophomore full-length album, Lets Go Wild! this month! The follow-up to their 2016 release, In OrbitLet's Go Wild! finds the group not only experimenting with new sounds, but also pushing the boundaries of rock 'n' roll music by expanding the primarily power pop foundation of their first full-length.

Kailynn West of Tiny Stills Opens Up About Writing "Laughing Into the Void": "I Wasn't Afraid to Get Loud and Angry This Time"

Power pop band, Tiny Stills are gearing up for an incredibly busy 2018, kicking off with the release of their sophomore album, Laughing Into the Void on June 1st. The follow-up to their 2014 debut release, Falling Is Like Flying, Tiny Stills' newest release finds front woman, Kailynn West bearing her soul on songs like "When I'm With You" (which can be heard below) and experimenting with new sounds on others. The result is a release that was well worth waiting for (and worth the challenges West faced while writing it).

INTERVIEW: Young Thieves Flip The Script With Their New Single, "What You Want"

New York electro-indie/pop quartet Young Thieves are quickly gaining speed, with their debut single, "What You Want" out now, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down. "What You Want" serves as a perfect introduction to the band - Alexandra Amor (vocals), Dmitry Libman (guitar/keyboards/production), Andrew Lynch (guitar/keyboards) and Johnny Coryn (drums) - who are determined to break the mold start a conversation with their music.

RJ Word Talks About His Start in Music and Plans for 2018: "I Find Nothing More Gratifying Than Telling My Own Stories Through Songs"

20-year-old up and coming pop singer/songwriter RJ Word is poised to take the world by storm. With years of experience under his belt - he first became interested in music at a very young age and has been pursuing it in one way or another for over a decade - he knows exactly what he wants to create and what he wants to accomplish with his music, and that's more than most artists can say.

Q&A with Leon & the Fantastic: "I Wrote for Other Great Singers... but It Never Had the Spark, Never Truly Told the Story of My Music"

Leon & the Fantastic is about to emerge with his new EP, Let Me Cool, and it's safe to say that he's going to make one hell of an entrance. With plenty of experience writing for other artists over the years, frontman and mastermind Leon Rosen is ready for the world to hear his voice on Let Me Cool. By integrating a classical approach to composition with rock, pop, and R&B, Rosen is not only changing the game, but successfully creating a sound entirely his own. 

INTERVIEW: Cary Brothers Returns With a New Sound and High Hopes on His New Album, "Bruises"

Cary Brothers has grown immensely over the last eight years. The last time fans heard from the critically acclaimed musician, it was in 2010 when he dropped his last full-length, Under Control. Now, with his newest release, Bruises, Brothers is exploring new musical terrain and covering eight years worth of love, life and loss, but most importantly, change. By channeling the delay guitars, synthesizers and the sounds of the 80's, Brothers has emerged with a release that will not only withstand the test of time, but stand out from his previous work.