Q&A with Jenny March: "Music Has Always Been My Biggest Passion"

Ohio-born and Los Angeles-based songstress Jenny March is poised to break out this year with her new EP, but until then, she's holding fans over with her debut single, "California Daze." Having done a little bit of everything, from dancing and acting to her current passion, singing, she puts her heart and soul into everything she touches, which promises one hell of a debut EP. 

Jonathan Farrar and Tony Zichella Get a Fresh Start in New Project, Capital North: "It’s Not Something That You Just Decide You’re Done With"

When you're involved in music, and really in it for the right reasons, it's not something that you can just walk away from. Former Lights in the Sky members Jonathan Farrar and Anthony Zichella learned this rather quickly after stepping away from music before eventually reuniting to form their new project, Capital North. The result of both members' mental and physical journeys - Farrar traveled the world for a year on a mission of soul searching while Zichella went on to graduate culinary school and pursue his passion as a chef - is the band's incredibly honest debut EP, Sea To Sky.

INTERVIEW: The Brinks Talk About Their Evolving Sound on "EP2"

The great thing about being involved with music is that it constantly pushes and challenges you to be better and step outside of your comfort zone, and that's exactly what The Brinks have been able to accomplish with their newest release, EP2. Arriving two years after the release of their debut EP, Temporary LoveEP2 served as the perfect closer for 2017 and found the duo, comprised of producer Matt Friedman and Australian singer Scott Mellis, exploring their sound more than ever before.

Unconventional, Exciting and Loud: Denver’s CITRA Discuss Their New EP, “Mr. Copacetic”

Navigating the music industry as a growing band in 2018 isn’t the same as it was in 2005, 2010 or (if we’re being honest) even 2016. In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and first impressions matter more than ever, artists are must do whatever it takes to stand out from the crowd, but thankfully, Denver four-piece CITRA have already done that. Maybe it’s their explosive sound that’ll first hook you, or it could be their high energy and vibrant live performance that’ll grab your attention. Whatever it is, they’re doing something right.

Q&A with Maggie Schneider: "Negativity and Hatred Will Never Be as Effective as Optimism and Love"

Bright eyed and bubbly, Maggie Schneider broke into 2018 with her uplifting and positive new EP, Tinted Glasses, and the message of her new release is something we could all use a refresher on - looking on the bright side of life. Schneider isn't necessarily ignoring life's daily struggles or difficulties, but rather choosing to look past them, find a solution and keep her head up. Take her powerful single, "Chuck Bass," for instance. The track not only encourages to women to stand up for what’s right, but also support one another during tough times. 

Q&A with His Dream Of Lions: "We’d Really like to Turn Pop Rock on Its Head in 2018"

With each new album comes reinvention, and His Dream Of Lions have taken full advantage of that on their newest release, Pseudo Star. Out February 16th, the new EP finds the Virginia pop rock band experimenting with their sound more than ever, broadening their range with classic influences peppered with orchestral and electronic elements. But the band hasn't only grown sonically - this time around, His Dream Of Lions are more self aware and transparent than ever.

Q&A with Semblance: "We Don’t Box Ourselves in at All"

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Maeve Gorman and Connor LeFevre, the two young masterminds behind alt/electro-rock duo Semblance learned that early on. When Maeve found it difficult to find like-minded musicians in her hometown to start a project with, she began to branch out online in search of someone who might be a good fit, and that's where she found Connor. Despite having never met in person, the two teens hit it off right away, and by the time they finally did come face to face, they had already started writing music together. 

INTERVIEW: Hi-Lo Jack Discuss Merging Genres on Their Debut EP, "Old New Clothes"

In a way, Old New Clothes, the debut EP from NYC trio Hi-Lo Jack has been a long time in the making. Even before the formation of the project, the band's three members - Dolapo Akinkugbe (aka rapper/producer DAP The Contract), Clyde Lawrence (of soul-pop band Lawrence), and Cody Fitzgerald (of indie-rock band Stolen Jars) - could be found collaborating with one another, from writing music together to featuring each other in their music. It only made sense to eventually merge their three distinct styles together to create Hi-Lo Jack and the subsequent EP, which dropped in November.

Just Enough Food Talks About Being an Independent Artist, The Denver Music Scene and His Vulnerable New Album, "Glory Days"

Josh Warner has been part of the Colorado music scene for as long as he can remember, be it in fleeting high school bands, hip-hop collective Travellers Music or his current labor of love, Just Enough Food. Earlier this year, Just Enough Food celebrated the release of Glory Days, his first studio album since he started writing, performing and touring over ten years ago. Fully self and crowd-funded, Glory Days is not only a celebration of Warners' freedom as an independent artist, but also finds him at his most vulnerable and honest yet. 

Q&A with Michigan Rattlers: "The Future Looks Bright"

2017 has been a busy year for Michigan bred, LA-based group, Michigan Rattlers. Filled to the brim with tour dates, festival appearances, the release of their new cover EP, Wasting The Meaning and even the addition of keyboardist Christian Wilder, this year has been Graham Young and Adam Reed's biggest yet, but when looking toward 2018, it only feels like a warmup for bigger and better things to come. 

INTERVIEW: Balanced Breakfast Co-Founder Stefan Aronsen Talks About Strengthening Local Music Scenes With New App

Have you ever found yourself wondering what you can do to better your local music scene? Well it turns out you're not alone, but if you're familiar with Balanced Breakfast, then you already knew that. If you're unfamiliar, Balanced Breakfast is a meeting of people who are passionate about their local music industry, formed by two like-minded individuals, Stefan Aronsen and Andy Freeman. What started as a weekly breakfast meeting between two friends turned into five to ten people sitting around a table at a local San Francisco diner, which quickly caught wind and continued to grow. Now, Balanced Breakfast meetings are had among industry folks, musicians and those passionate about their local scene across the country, and two international cities: Toronto & Bogota.

INTERVIEW: Home Above Open Up About Their Uplifting New Album, "Indecision To Move"

More than anything, music is about connecting with one another, and Texas pop-punk band Home Above prove that they understand that with their powerful new album, Indecision To Move. An uplifting release about self-discovery, motivation and positivity, Indecision To Move not only reminds listeners that in control of their future and their happiness, but that they're also not in this alone - at the very least, there's a group of four passionate musicians that understand you completely. 

HAWAI Open Up About Their Vulnerable New EP: "I Wanted to Go Explore the Unknown and Be Comfortable with the Process"

SoCal four piece HAWAI are ending 2017 on a high note with the release of their brand new EP, Hide in the Ocean. A more blunt and vulnerable release than the band's 2016 EP, Working All NightHide in the Ocean not only finds HAWAI at their strongest lyrically, but sonically, the band was able to explore their sound quite a bit more this time around, too. Both thematically and literally, the new EP finds the band stepping out into the great unknown, and the result is some of their best work to date. 

Q&A with Shy Beast: "We've Got Higher and Higher Peaks to Reach"

Dreamy indie pop outfit, Shy Beast was born an adult in 2017. Originally formed as MCG in 2013, the group collectively realized that it was time for an evolution and change in both sound and name a few years later and Shy Beast was the outcome - something that suited them perfectly. Flash forward a few months, and the band just celebrated the release of their debut EP under the new name in November.