Q&A with A.L.X. of Love Crushed Velvet

So, for anyone who hasn't had the chance to listen to Love Crushed Velvet yet, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How would you describe your sound?  

We’re a rock band that likes to weave different influences into our sound.  There are elements of postpunk, classic rock and modern rock, as well as a bit of alternative.


For your Delusions EP, did you have any specific influences or a certain sound that you were going for?

 One of our goals was to create a body of work that was a departure from our debut album without completely shooting off into a different direction.  In certain respects, we were trying less to create a specific sound than to find ways to tone down our overtly classic rock influences, all the while staying true to our writing style.


Was there anything that you really wanted listeners to be able to take away from this album?  

From the get-go, we wanted to offer our listeners a broad stylistic range of songs that still maintained a certain consistency, as well as challenging them lyrically.  As a result of that, “Delusions” can hopefully satisfy active listeners as much as casual listeners.


Do you have a favorite track off of the album?  

“Spotlight”, which will be our last single. It’s part ballad, part rock and part James Bond.


Now, the music scene sometimes seems to be pretty saturated with bands that all sound the same. Is there anything that you do to try to keep Love Crushed Velvet ahead of the curve or different from other acts in your genre?

In certain respects, the fact that we bring diverse influences into our music hopefully helps us to avoid that dilemma, although it can also work against us in that we are probably a bit harder to categorize than many other bands.  We also try to be “song”-based rather than a “sound” based band.  There are a lot of acts out there that have a cool sound, but you’ll never leave one of their shows humming a melody because they are more about creating a vibe.  We try our best to keep weaving hooks into the songs, some more overtly than others.  


If you had to choose, is there anything that that, as a band, you would like to be known for?  

Songs that cut into someone’s soul in a way that makes them feel like the song is about them.


Do you have any big plans for the future?

We are starting to put together some live dates for the summer/fall, and just finished cutting 8 new songs that we are going to release later this year.  That’s going to keep us quite busy!


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Anything else you'd like to add?  

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to talk about our new record.  We hope you’ll give it a listen!


Love Crushed Velvet maintains the unwavering strength of a revolution high throughout the entirety of DelusionsFor updates please visit: lovecrushedvelvet.com

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