Q&A with Allison Weiss

With her new EP, Remember When coming out in just a little over a month (July 22nd, to be exact), we decided to have a chat with singer-songwriter and indie rocker Allison Weiss about her start on youtube and how far she's come since then, as well as her upcoming stint on the Vans Warped Tour. You can pick up Remember When on July 22nd via No Sleep Records, and be sure to check out a stream of her new song "Giving Up" below!

First and foremost, how would you describe your sound for any readers who haven't had the chance to listen to you yet?

I write catchy, upbeat, feelings-driven indie pop.


Did you have any big influences or inspiration when working on Remember When

I was thinking a lot about the past. I spent a lot of time reading my old diaries and revisiting old wounds. I didn’t write the songs in any particular order, I wrote them in bits and pieces all at the same time, so they started to melt together. It’s actually the first time I’ve written songs that aren’t about specific moments in my life, but more about general anxiety and feelings I’ve been dealing with over the last few years.


Was there anything you really wanted to convey with these songs?

Over the course of making my last record, I became obsessed with relationships, how they work, how they don’t. I think this EP is a continuation of that. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it, really.


Is there anything you really strive to achieve when releasing new music? Anything you try to stay away from?

Usually I just want to make something that feels new and exciting to play, maybe say something I haven’t said yet. I like to feel that I’m making progress sonically and lyrically.


I remember watching your videos and covers on youtube back in 2006-2008 and it's really cool to see how much you've grown and changed since then. What do you think is the most important thing you've learned since you first started writing music?

I think in the beginning I used to just get super emo about everything. It’s been almost 10 years since I started writing. I like to think I approach things in a more mature way now. Not that emo is a bad thing, I just think I’ve grown up. I can’t really name one specific important thing. I’m a totally different person than when I started out.


It's also really cool to see that you're still doing covers! Was there any specific reason you decided to include "Call Your Girlfriend" on Remember When?

I’ve been covering this one at shows over the past few years and I thought it’d be cool to actually put it out, and this EP seemed like a good opportunity. I love Robyn and “CYG” is one of my favorites of hers. It’s so upbeat when she does it but it’s really so sad.


I find that with many female fronted bands, or female artists in general, people are quick to compare them to the big names in their genre (such as Paramore, Tegan & Sara, ect) before allowing them to pave their own way as musicians. Is that something that you have to deal with, or is it something you don't really worry about?

Personally I’m stoked when I get compared to the likes of Paramore or Tegan & Sara. I think being compared to other artists is something that musicians of all genders deal with. Music criticism has always involved comparisons. It’s an easy way to introduce fans to a new band.


Since this is going to be your second year in a row on the Vans Warped Tour, is there anything you learned last year that will help you get through this one? 

I think this year I’ll just be better at it! For instance, I’m not gonna sit out at my merch table all day long, that’s for sure! Last year I went hard and wore myself out. I’m a one-man operation so I have to conserve my energy. 


Are there any bands that you're really excited to see at Warped? Anybody you think we should look out for?

Super excited to see my boyfriends in State Champs every day!! Also excited for We Are The In Crowd, Front Porch Step, and my buddy Brian Marquis. I wish I were on the same dates as Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties (Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years’ side project) but sadly, I ain’t.


Thanks for answering a few questions for us! Is there anything else you'd like to add?

That's all, I think! Remember When is out July 22 and you can preorder it at allisonw.com!

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