Q&A with Chris Thaung of Like Pacific

Having just recently signed to Pure Noise records and their new Self-Titled EP dropping on January 20th, we decided to have a chat with rising Toronto-based Pop-Punk group, Like Pacific. With heartfelt lyrics, feverishly energetic verses, and catchy choruses, it's no surprise that Like Pacific is picking up some great momentum in the Pop-Punk scene with these five tracks. You can check out their newest single, "Suffering" below, and be sure to pick up their EP on January 20th!

Interview by Seth Wood

Where did the band name come from?

One of our very first guitarists always liked having the words "Like" and "Pacifc" in a band name. So he literally just put Like Pacific besides each other, and that was that! I honestly wish I had a cooler story of how the name came about, but this is it! Haha

What is it like out in Toronto (in general, as well as the music scene there)?

Toronto is awesome, man, for real. Alot of Canadians (depending on where you live) would argue that, but we are essentially the metropolis of Canada. It's quite fast paced everyone always has somewhere to be, there's definetly a strong pulse within the city.

As far as the music side, again Toronto is alive and well. Every major tour and/or festival always makes a stop here, regardless of the genre. We have a ton of great venues ranging from DIY spots to clubs to stadiums to amphitheaters and everything in-between. On any given night, you can find live music. One of the only real cons to the Toronto music scene is that because we're such a huge city, there is always something going on, so it can get pretty competitive at times.

Who are some bands or people that have been instrumental in getting you guys where you are today?

At the top of the list it's Toronto's most recognizable Punk/Alternative Promoter Travis Porter. He's given us opening spots on so many amazing shows that have rolled through here as well as some of the worst hangovers we have ever experienced. He and the entire Sneaky Dee's/Hard Luck Bar family have had our backs since day one and they continue to support this band.

Our buddy Chris runs a blog called PopPunksNotDead.Net and he has been supporting us from the start as well. Genuine dude, doing genuine things. Counterparts, Life Ruiner, We Were Sharks, Seaway, Handguns, and Pentimento are just a few of bands who have helped us along the way. We have so many friends who have helped and supported us for so many years.

What kind of response have you gotten from the new material? Is it consistent with responses to your previous work?

Yeah definitely! The response has been really really great so far! Everyone has been telling us that we get better with every release, which is a total relief because there's always that thought in the back of my head of "I wonder if people will dig this as much as they did with our older stuff." I definitely think this is the best material we have written to date.

What is your favorite thing about Like Pacific?

I love the heart that this band has. We have had a ton of ups and downs as a band, but regardless of the situation we always pull through in the end. After every downfall, we always try to be better than before when we pick ourselves back up. We have also been a band for a decent amount of time. You get to experience a lot in 5 years.

Ideally, how would you like your music to affect your listeners?

Jordan always shoots from the heart with his lyrics, he'll dig deep down and get as personal as he can. We strive to be as relatable as possible in our music. Jordan tends to reflect on his past experiences with depression, failed relationships, and one that he holds pretty close, coming out. There's been a few times that kids have told Jordan at shows that they came out to their friends and family because they were able to relate and find encouragement in our music. That is one of the coolest fucking things ever. 

You should always feel comfortable in your own skin and always be yourself before you are anyone else. You should always feel proud of who you are and what you do.

What has you most excited about signing with Pure Noise?

The idea of our band being showcased on a much larger scale now. We didn't think our band would get signed at all to be honest, so this whole thing is pretty crazy. Pure Noise has signed a bunch of our favorite bands over the years, so it's pretty surreal to think that we're now label mates with all of them. We've met a bunch of bands off the roster and they've been super cool and welcoming. Super stoked to be part of the Pure Noise Family!

Can you name some bands out there today that really REALLY inspire you? You know, the bands that make you outrageously excited about playing music, the ones that you listen to and say, "Man, I'd give anything to play those songs on the road every night."

We all dig a lot of different bands, but collectively we all really dig bands Such Gold, Comeback Kid, Title Fight, The Movielife, Boys Night Out.

I saw on one of your social media pages that you all are really proud of "Eviction," calling it the best song you guys have done so far. What is it about that song specifically that makes it special to you guys?

Funny enough, when we first wrote it I remember hating it because I didn't think it sounded "like us." I felt that way all the way until we actually got into the studio and tracked it. Throughout the recording process I started hearing more and more of the song and the possible final outcome, and by the time Jordan did his last take, I was like "Okay, this songs is a banger." I think its the most mature we have ever sounded. It's the most melodic we have ever been but we still managed to keep the grittiness. It's a mid-tempo song but there's still a lot of that punk rock energy. It's the most honest song we've ever written.

As far as genre, I lump you guys in with bands like The Story So Far and Knuckle Puck, who are having lots of success recently. What is it about the genre of music that you guys play that makes people like me crave more and more? How does this kind of music affect you personally?

I think it's the honesty in the music. It's raw, melodic and aggressive, but still has a catchy-ness to it. It's to the point without sugarcoating. Back in the early days, Pop-Punk could be described as fast paced drums and loud guitars but with Pop influenced vocal melodies and themes. I think the current crop of bands now have taken that idea, but put their own spin on it.

And finally, when are you guys coming to Colorado?!

Hopefully this year!

Be sure to follow Like Pacific on Facebook and Twitter for updates, and pick up their new Self-Titled EP when it drops on January 20th!

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