Q&A with Corey Coffman of Gleemer

Gleemer is a Loveland, CO based dream-pop project that continues to release outstanding music that blows my mind. I had the chance to ask vocalist Corey Coffman some questions about the band's new album, Moving Away and more!

Be sure to check out Moving Away, out now! 

Interview by Dillon Crader

You guys just released another full length record, how does the writing and recording process differ from all of Gleemer’s past releases?

This record was way different than past releases, actually. It's the first one that all four of us wrote together. Charlie and Graham only joined the band a little over a year ago! It was scary to transition into a new group (just because writing with others can feel vulnerable) but everything clicked surprisingly quickly, and collaboration was really effective. Recording took a really long time (March - October), but I was learning a lot engineering-wise, & trying to take my time with things.

There didn’t seem much build up or “hype” for Moving Away. Was there a purpose behind not doing this for the record?

I think that it's nice to let people find music for themselves. The albums I've cherished most are the ones that found me at the right time— albums that weren't part of a scene or time period—  just good records that found their way into my life. Hard to match the excitement of finding an artist that's all "yours" right?

What is everyone's favorite song off of Moving Away and why?

My favorite is Champ (it just makes me really sad in the best way), but we all have different ones. 

Going a little bit off course here, but Loveland is pretty far from Denver, and I am curious to know if there is much of a music scene going on in Loveland. How has being based out of Loveland affected Gleemer?

When Gleemer was beginning with live shows, Matt & I both lived down there, but currently I live in Fort Collins with Charlie. Graham's moving in next door too, haha. Matt's the only one still in Fort Collins, but I still consider Loveland the "home town" of Gleemer. Shows in Fort Collins/Denver have been fun and really supportive so far. I think, like with anything, it just takes time to develop. 

Gleemer has such a unique sound, especially compared to anything else here in Colorado. How does it feel to be really the only band in Colorado doing this type of project? Is it hard finding shows with the diverse sound that Gleemer has?

There are several other bands that have similar vibes to us, but having a matching line-up sonically is almost out the window anymore. As long as the bands are cool and people are nice, it always ends up being a great night regardless of the genre. A lot of the local DIY bands we play with sound nothing like us but are so much fun to watch. It's all got the same spirit at the end of the day, anyways. 

What other bands originated influence for the dream-pop sound you guys have found?

Man, my favorite dream pop bands are Cocteau Twins and Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I don't really listen to any dream pop other than those two bands... Absolutely love them though. Some of my favorite music ever made. Other than that I got really into old Title Fight & Sun Kil Moon during this album. Very different, but they influenced a lot of the melodies (SKM) and the aggression (TF). 

With the record being released and 2015 coming to an end, is there anything big planned for 2016? Any touring? 

Yeah! We're always writing, but won't be putting anything out for a bit, & we're definitely going to be doing a midwest tour in the spring/summer. :)

Thanks so much man!!


GRAB YOUR COPY OF MOVING AWAY AT http://gleemer.bandcamp.com/album/moving-away

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