Q&A with Magic Giant

Magic Giant is indie-folk like you've never heard it before. Their unconventional new single, "Set On Fire" reinvents the wheel, carried by banjo and soaring, poppy vocal melodies. With a huge 2015 behind this young band, 2016 promises to be even bigger. Keep an eye out for new music from Magic Giant soon, and listen to "Set On Fire" below!

Interview by Dom Vigil

How would you describe Magic Giant for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to listen to you yet? 

We're Indie Folk that's fun to dance to. Our shows have been like wild sing-along parties.

You guys just released your new single, “Set On Fire.” Can you tell us a little bit about the track? 

The song is about unrequited blameless love. There's a cross in the road of a relationship where it gets fuzzy, bumpy, and uncertain. A lot of times people walk. Love is a fight sometimes you gotta give up to win.

Going into the writing process, was there anything you really wanted to accomplish with “Set On Fire”? 

We're experimenting. Technically speaking we found sounds that were a little non-traditional. We opted for banjo and cello over a traditional guitar/bass combo. We wanted the song to build from a very tiny place and in the end reach a frenzy. This one has a big payoff.

With “Set On Fire” out, can fans expect any more new music soon? Maybe a full length in 2016? 

Yes we would love to work with some producers and we just opened a studio in Silverlake. So we're ready to stir it up. We're working on another EP right now and probably the full-length will follow.

You guys have had a really busy year so far, so what would you say has been the highlight of 2015? 

Selling out Toronto was a big one for us since it was our first show outside of the US. It really felt like the floor was going to break people were jumping so hard. We also just headlined RiSE Festival out in the Mojave Desert for 14,000 - but what was even more surreal was right after we played, releasing biodegradable lanterns with everyone into the atmosphere. We wrote our intentions on the lanterns and let them go altogether - people saying goodbye to loved ones - others proposing marriage - it was really moving and we actually filmed the music video for Set On Fire there, which we're excited to share.

Whenever I watch your live videos, it looks like you guys are just having a ton of fun on stage! What would you like listeners to be able to take away from your performances? 

We just want everyone to feel. Feel connected, feel good, feel any sort of emotion. A lot of people leave our shows saying it was the happiest show they'd ever been to which is really meaningful to us.

How would you like your music to impact your fans? 

We want to move bodies and souls around the world. So whether it makes them dance, smile, or share a tender moment with someone, we feel fulfilled.

Do you have any big plans for the end of 2015 or beginning of next year? 

We're planning to release our music video, live video, and new single all in the next few months!

When you’re looking toward the future, where would you like Magic Giant to be this time next year? 

We've been a band 18 months so this year is going to be huge for us. We love the road and making records in Los Angeles.  Opening for band that we look up to would be great.  We played around 80 shows this year so maybe we'll double that number in 2016. We have so much fun playing live and it's so nice to connect with our fans while seeing the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Thank you so much! Stay in touch with us online: @magicgiant for Insta FB, and @magicgiantsnap for Snapchat. See you soon!

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