Q&A with Rich Meyer of Highly Suspect

Fresh off of South By South West and with big plans for 2015, Brooklyn-based trio Higly Suspect have just released the second single from their upcoming new album, Mister Asylum. We chatted with bassist and vocalist, Rich Meyer about the Brooklyn Music Scene, the upcoming album and what to expect for 2015. (Hint: some Highly Suspect basketball jerseys may be in the works!) Check out the full interview and the band's new single, "Lost" below.

Interview by Dom Vigil

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Can you tell us a little bit about Highly Suspect, for our readers who may not be familiar?

We're a 3 piece rock band currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. 

What is the music scene like in Brooklyn? Do you feel that it has had an impact on your sound?

The music scene here is the most diverse I've ever experienced, you can find any kind of music on any given night.  Yes, living here has absolutely had an impact on our music. The people here are looking for something unique, which encourages an artist to be themselves.  Being from a place (Cape Cod) where most of the bars we were playing in told us to play top 40 covers, it is pretty liberating!

You guys just released your new track, “Lost” - can you tell us a little bit about the song?

Lost is about a failed relationship. It's pain and frustration, neatly packaged in a song for your ears' listening pleasure. 

Your new album, Mister Asylum is dropping soon, as well! What about this album are you most excited for listeners to hear?

I'm most excited for the listeners to hear somebody tell them to "TURN THAT RACKET DOWN!" This album is meant to be played at 11.

How do you feel the band has grown with this release, compared to The Worst Humans?

We were searching for our sound during the recording of The Worst Humans EP when we came up with the song "Bath Salts".  It was a breakthrough track that paved the way for all the songs we've written since then.

How was the writing and recording process for this record? Did you have any “wow” moments when you were working on it?

It was a blast! Joel Hamilton is great to work with.  I would say a "wow" moment happened everyday around 4:00 pm when somebody would grab some chocolate bars from the store.  It is amazing to see the effects introducing a bunch of sugar into a situation can have!  (No, but seriously though, we love chocolate and ate a lot of it during the sessions.)

Are there any specific songs that you’re really excited for listeners to hear?

To be honest, I'm excited for people to hear the rest of the album.  Most people have already heard "Lydia" now, so it's the newer stuff I'm really proud of.

Were there any stories or messages that you really wanted to get across with Mister Asylum? Is there anything that you’d like listeners to be able to take away?

We chose "Mister Asylum" as the title track because it is about craving solace from anxiety, that's kind of the general theme of the whole album. It is about recognizing your desire to move away from negativity.

You guys also just finished up a stint at SXSW - how was that?

It was good. SXSW is always a great way to kick off the musical year.

Besides the album release, do you have any other big plans in store for 2015?

Music videos, tours, new merch...we talked about potentially having Highly Suspect basketball jerseys made!  Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for chatting with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Stay in school kids.


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