Q&A with David Vukovich of Bitter Kids

Canadian post-hardcore band, Bitter Kids have a lot going on right now. In between undergoing a lineup change, re-releasing their EP, Monster House and currently being out on the road for their US tour, Bitter Kids are definitely busy, but we had the time to catch up with vocalist David Vukovich about the band's recent changes and their upcoming plans. 

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

You guys just recently released Monster House - can you tell us a little bit about the EP? What did you want to be able to accomplish with it?

We have just released our Monster House Re-release EP through a Japanese and European label. It has two bonus tracks including one that features Michael Bohn of Issues which we were pretty excited about. I think what we want from this is to introduce people to Bitter Kids - sort of like a first chapter to our story. 

Was there any song in particular that was your favorite to write or record?

My favorite would have to be "All Of This (Reimagined)." We basically took the original apart and made a new version. Piano being the instrument I grew up with since I was a kid, I was excited to use some of that in the recording.

What would you like fans to be able to take away from Monster House, or simply your music in general?

Our lyrics are very honest and metaphorical which means anyone can interpret them to any aspect of their life. I'd be curious to see what people really do take away from our music, I think any criticism would just make us work even harder.

I know you guys recently underwent a lineup change - how do you expect Bitter Kids’ sound and future releases to grow or change because of it?

Yes we have! Our music will always be Bitter Kids, but of course lots will change because of it, this is just the next chapter. I'm really excited to show people what I'm capable of doing. Expect to hear a lot more piano stuff in our future releases as well.

Did you feel any apprehension about stepping up into the vocalist position at all? How has the fan response been?

At first, it felt like I was under a lot of pressure and maybe this wasn't the right idea.. But this has always been a dream of mine to be a lead vocalist so the opportunity came and I had to take it. I think I can do a really good job, I've been working hard at the whole frontman thing and I'm loving it. The fan response was great! Everyone has been really supportive which made this transition much easier. We are already moving forward and I think that's what fans wanted to see from us.

I loved your cover of Panic! At The Disco’s “Nine In The Afternoon” that you recently released! What about this song made you want to record your own rendition of it?

Well thank you! There are way too many bands and way too many songs to choose to cover its very hard to pick one. I decided that it would be a good song to showcase not only my vocals but piano as well. It's also a classic... Anyone that has heard of Panic! At The Disco has to know "Nine In The Afternoon", c'mon. 

You guys are also currently out on your US tour! How has that been so far?

Tour has been great! We are seeing a lot of cool places, meeting new people, eating/drinking things that we don't have in Canada haha. We're loving touring the U.S. Though. It seems like it's going by really quickly, we would love to come back very soon. 

After this tour, what do you guys have lined up? Are there any other big plans in the works for 2015?

The next few months we are very busy. We're playing a couple weekend tours in June, heading to the studio to record a couple singles early July, releasing a music video, and touring Europe and the U.S August - October. We always have something cool to look forward to, there's no down time in Bitter Kids land, it's just a lot of fun hard work. 

What are your goals for future releases? What would you like to be able to accomplish?

With the result of these future releases we want to have broke through the music scene and made an impact on as many people as possible. It's just a goal of ours. This is our life and we want to make the best of it but also bring our fans along the way. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for considering me for this interview! I get a little excited when I talk about Bitter Kids.

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