Q&A with Olek Burek of Daylight

Established over a decade ago, Barcelona pop-punk band Daylight are no strangers to releasing new music and pushing boundaries, and their recently released album, One More Fight is no exception. Having also just released a fun new music video for their track, "Kickbacks," Daylight seems more on top of their game than ever. 

We had the chance to catch up with vocalist and bassist Olek Burek about the new album, the pop-punk scene and the bands' plans for the future. Check out the full interview and video for "Kickbacks" below!

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves for any readers who may not be familiar?

My name is Olek Burek, member of the Pop-Punk band Daylight. I sing and play bass guitar. We’re an unsigned and hard working touring band from Barcelona, Spain. If you’re into bands like A Day To Remember or New Found Glory, I’m confident you’ll love our music.
This year we performed in 16 different countries including China, Japan, Russia and all continental Europe. 

You guys released your newest album, One More Fight back in October - how do you feel the reception has been so far?

Even though we had a lineup change, our audience and followers loved it! We keep the best of Daylight; catchy and fresh melodies and a cool mix of uptempo Pop-Punk songs. People got surprised listening to tunes like “Now Or Never” or “Anthem Of The Broken”. It’s something we never did before.

What does the title One More Fight mean to you?

Being in a band is a continuous struggle with reality. We can’t afford living from music, but we still have the passion and the thrill to get out there to prove what we’re worth.
This album was a personal challenge, one more chance to fight for our dreams. Our next album won’t be called “One More Fight II” haha

Was there anything that you wanted to be able to accomplish with the album? 

It was the first time my brother and I were responsible for vocals on the whole record. So we went to the studio with a bunch of songs we thought that were good but we were not 100% sure if our singing would fit. What we recorded on demos sounded great, but there was certain insecurity. After hearing the first rough mixes, there was a huge high five for the great job.

Having been a band for over a decade, do you feel that it’s easier to accomplish a certain goal when it comes to songwriting? Is it easier than when you first started out?

Not really! Every time we approach to songwriting we’re more demanding. We write melodies at home and then bring it to the rehearsal room. I could say that 80% of the ideas won’t get through the band’s filter. We’re not looking into writing 50 B rated random songs or ideas. Our goal is to go into studio with 20 kickass songs we really like, and then dismiss half with the producer.

How do you feel the music scene has changed from when Daylight first formed to now?

When we started back in 2004 we were just a bunch of high school kids, we didn’t really have a scene conscience. Back then I would go to a record store and buy blindly a Millencolin or NUFAN record without having a previous listen. I would say that back then everything was way more exiting, I would go to Punk-Rock/Hardcore shows twice a week and spend money on merch and albums. Myspace was a great way to discover new bands. After 2008-2010, things changed around here. Few people are buying albums and live music is at its all time low. We’re lucky enough to have a good fanbase that still comes to the shows!

Do you feel that your seniority in the music scene has an impact on the music that you write and the content that you write about?

We always try to stay fresh and get old with style. I think seniority gives this band credibility, when we go on stage we know what we’re doing. When it comes to writing, we don’t want to lose the energy and we focus to release fresh stuff to keep all our hardcore followers and reach the youngest generations of Punkers. 

You also just released a music video for “Kickbacks”! Can you tell us a little bit about the track? What makes it special to you?

Yes! The Music Video came out last week. It’s the third single of the record. It’s fun because I came up with the melody just 2 weeks before hitting studio and we finished the song in 48 hours. 

I always wanted to write a song about coming back home after a long 3-month tour and meeting your friends. We all knew we wanted to shoot the Music Video in our hometown Barcelona, hanging around the seafront. We asked our fans to come to the playback shoot and it was unbelievable to see 150 kids on a weekday stage diving at 12 in the morning. Fantastic.

Being a more established pop-punk group, are there any newer pop-punk bands that you guys have really been digging lately? Anybody we should be listening to?

On this last Euro Tour we were lucky enough to share stage with top class bands. Halcyon Hope from Denmark or The 101’s from Netherlands were one of the most played bands in our van among Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi. You should definitely dig the latest records of Our Last Night, Beartooth, Falling In Reverse and for Pop-Punk, Neck Deep and Call It Off.

With One More Fight out now, what are your plans for the remainder of 2015 looking like? Do you guys have any goals or big plans for the rest of this year?

Right now we’re writing new music and heading on tour after summer. We will be performing a 9-date tour in United Kingdom and some European capitals like Paris, Rome and Barcelona.
Our goal this year is to hit studio as soon as possible with new music and bringing the best of Daylight to your stereo.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We’d love to thank you for reading all of this and encourage you to check out our latest music video. Hopefully see you on tour :)

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