Q&A with Liz Brennan

Austin-based singer-songwriter, Liz Brennan recently released the lyric video for her song, "Expected To Fly" from her upcoming EP. Self-described as "demented pop," Brennan's music is catchy as hell, but also on the darker side - don't be surprised if you catch some subtle dark humor in there as well. Currently working on re-recording some finishing touches on her upcoming EP, release date TBA, Brennan is hard at work creating a release that is sure to be a success. 

Check out "Expected To Fly" below and keep an eye out for more news soon!

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for any readers who may not be familiar?

I am a singer/songwriter from NY specializing in the genre of demented pop. I moved to Austin a few months ago. Not really sure about the music scene but the banana stand, "Bananarchy" is fantastic. #CorporateSponsor 

You refer to your sound as “Demented Pop,” can you explain the meaning behind this?

It just means that it can get a little twisted and dark. Even if it sounds more like rock or pop I try and keep the mood of many of my songs up beat while saying some pretty strange, dark or satirical lyrics.

You just released your single, “Expected To Fly” from your upcoming EP - what about this song are you most excited for listeners to hear?

I am most excited for people hear the song which is my own story. I left some of the lyrics relatable and obvious and other parts ambiguous so hopefully people can attach their own experiences and memories with this song.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind the song? 

The story of the song is about friendship. I feel like a lot of songs are about love but there are not a lot of songs on friendship. It's about driving with your best friend in the car and trying to hold on to those moments while everything is falling apart and changing. And if you can't get to where you want in life and you can't hold on to those moments that make life so special then what do you do? That's kind of what the song is about.

The single is from your upcoming EP - when can listeners expect to hear some more news about that?

Hopefully soon- I think I am going to be re-recording a few parts pretty soon & then not too long after!

Was there anything you wanted to be able to touch on or explore with the new EP?

I wanted to explore a dark and subtle humor that wasn't outright funny and could still be real songs but that were on a wide array of topics that could be a lot of fun and people, no matter how bizarre they can say - yes - I have felt that way before. 

There are quite a few other musicians featured on the EP as well. Was there anyone that you particularly enjoyed collaborating with?

I really liked everyone a lot - they were so much fun. Everett Bradley (vocals) & Charlie Giordano (piano/keyboard) are both in the E Street band are the nicest guys ever and I felt like I've known them for years and willing to try a million ideas. Marc Copely (guitar) was really funny and inappropriate and kept apologizing to me for his dirty humor- until he looked up my videos online and was like "Why did you let me apologize to you for so long? You are worse than all of us!" 

How was working with Kevin Killen for this release?

He just might be the nicest and most patient person in the universe. He had to put up with a lot working with me! He said I was the 3rd craziest person he ever worked with after Prince and Lou Reed. 

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from the new EP or your music in general?

Hopefully a sense of fun - and not taking everything so seriously and you can sing out about a lot of different things!

What is the rest of 2015 looking like for you? Any other big plans in the works?

Yup! Writing some new songs that I love so hopefully I can get in the studio to make those happen soon :)

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for having me! I wrote a new song called “My Band Thinks ‘Bout Me Naked” They don’t know about it yet. But I will be filming their reactions when I play it for them in rehearsal… So check back for that one!

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