Q&A with Savannah

Orlando, Florida's Savannah have been very busy. With the release of their EP, TEMPUS, the second installment of a three part full-length in June, they're already gearing up for the third and final piece, FORMAto be released in August. With the band's full-length, titled SPECTRUM approaching quickly, we had the chance to chat with them about the three EPs, the songwriting process for SPECTRUM and much more! Check out the full interview, as well as Savannah's video for "Can't Stop" below!

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Your new EP, TEMPUS was just released - what about it are you most excited for listeners to hear?

I think definitely our single coming up off FORMA. The song "A Million Faces" covers so much about how I feel day to day as a musician. Am I making the right decisions? What do people think about me going for music? Do they understand my drive and ambition as a song writer?

TEMPUS is also the second of a three part release, titled SPECTRUM. Why did you decide to release it in three parts?

We wanted to stay relevant. Savannah has always been independent and we wanted to stay as relevant as possible. We hardly ever have a budget to push things, especially a full length record. Believe or not but we are all still working jobs outside of music to support the band. 

How does this second EP compare to VITA, the first one you released?

They both very much the same actually. We wanted to offer something special on each one obviously to break them up. But in terms of sound they all speak very loudly about life, love, and loss. 

What can listeners expect to hear on FORMA, the third and final installment?

You can expect a great deal of upbeat songs.  We wanted our listeners to hear and feel energetic when finishing the remainder of the album.

Was there anything content-wise you wanted to be able to touch on with the TEMPUS EP or Spectrum as a whole?

SPECTRUM will be out as a full length here in a few months. So be expecting a time when you can listen to the record through. We spent a lot of time working on order that just feels right. Hope everyone digs that. 

What would you like people to take away from these songs?

I'd like to think everyone can relate. There is so much in these songs about my own personal experiences. I'm sure people have experienced similar things. We are all not that different. 

Were all three of theses pieces of SPECTRUM recorded all at once, or did you do it in chunks?

We did the whole record with James Paul Wisner right here in Florida. But when we got the masters it felt like we needed two more songs to complete it. We then hopped around again and completed it almost a whole year later after that. So it's been some time. We wanted to record to get to the right hands so we have no regrets with how long the recording was. 

What was the most rewarding thing about the recording process for TEMPUS, or any of these EPs in general?

Completing a full length is such a journey. It felt awesome to finally do it. Every bands first full length is such a big deal. I know it's been a dream of mine to work with a budget and get a great product. 

So, now that TEMPUS has dropped, and FORMA comes out in the fall - what are your plans after the full length is finally out?

Touring and festivals are in the works. I really want to play these songs out of Florida. I think people could really dig our live act. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Thank you for taking the time and giving us an awesome opportunity. 

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