Q&A with The Fratellis

Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied is the confident and ambitious follow-up to The Fratellis' 2013 release, We Need Medicine. From start to finish, all eleven songs on the album are bold and memorable, the result of the group writing music that they wanted to write.

We recently had the chance to chat with the band about the new release, their 10th year as a group and their touring schedule. Check out the full interview as well as the video for "Baby Don't You Lie To Me" below, and pick up The Fratellis' Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied on August 21st!

Interview by Dom Vigil

Your new album, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied drops on August 21st! What on the album are you most excited for listeners to hear?

It just being heard is exciting enough… l love it all, so whichever songs people like i'm bound to agree.

Was there anything you wanted to explore musically on this album that you haven’t before?

I never really think in those terms. The songs dictate the record, the songs that arrive are the ones we record. There's bound to be differences between 'Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied' and our previous records as it was made in it's own place and time but I can't remember there being any plan involved with it, other than to go with the strongest songs.

You worked with Tony Hoffer again with this release - what was that experience like? How did his involvement in Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied help the album?

In some ways it was exactly like it had been in 2006, and in others it was completely different. Really, we just let him get on with what he's good at - making great sounding records, which let us get on with what we do best...

Were there any goals you had for Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied before you stepped into the studio?

None that I can remember, other than to let it be whatever it needed to be. Maybe it's laziness but I'm past making any grand plans!

So far, you’ve released a couple of songs from the album, but do you have any favorites that you’re really excited for fans to hear?

I really do love all of it but "Rosanna," "Slow," and "Getting Surreal" are my favourites today.

That first track, “Me And The Devil” is killer! Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Well it took the longest to put together, that song had four different incarnations before it found it's place. Some songs just need to be allowed time to breathe, I think it turned out great.

2015 marks your 10th year as a band - how do you feel The Fratellis have grown over the years?

Again, I really don't pay enough attention to know… I think we get on better now than we ever did and enjoy playing live now more as a result.

Do you have any plans to commemorate your 10th year together?

None other than to make it to our 11th year.

You’re touring rather extensively for the rest of 2015! What should fans expect from all of these upcoming tour dates after the album drops?

Well we'll be desperate to play a lot of new songs but we always make sure to play the older stuff that people are probably more familiar with. That way our audience gets what they want and we get what we want.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

 It'd be lovely if the rain stopped...


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