Q&A with Dan Tippery of Post Season

Pennsylvania pop-punk group Post Season are gearing up to release their split EP, Greetings From with close friends, fellow baseball fans and tour mates, Such A Mess on August 28th. With a strong understanding of the importance of split EP's and the way they expose artists to one another's fans, Post Season worked hard to choose two strong tracks to best represent their sound. 

We caught up with vocalist Dan Tippery about the upcoming split, Post Season's friendship with Such A Mess and their upcoming plans for 2015. Read the entire interview and check out Post Season's new track, "Backroads" below!

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about Post Season for any readers who may not be familiar?

We are just five dudes who play music we enjoy and hope that others enjoy it as much as we do. We've been a band for over 2 years now constantly touring, and just having a great time! Also, we enjoy awesome food finds. Let us know where the best local spots are in your town so we can munch! 

You’re just about to release your split with Such A Mess - how did that come about?

In January 2014 we toured with a band called Stanley and the Search (now known as Home Movies) and M.L. Reynolds from Such A Mess was filling in on bass for them. One night in Buffalo, NY, we got to talking about Baseball and realized that we both have 14 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards and multiple Griffey Jr. jerseys  from every team he's played for. After that we have basically been best friends ever since. We love those dudes and are glad to be working on this project with them. 

What drew you to Such A Mess and what is your favorite part about their songs on the split?

They are some of the nicest people we've met on the road. They are humble, hard working, and the homies. As for their songs... Everything is our favorite about them, they are sooooo talented! 

Your two tracks on the EP are “Backroads” and “Never Tell Me The Odds” - can you tell us a little bit about these tracks?

Sure, we put a lot into these songs and we feel like this split captures our best work to date. We worked with producer Paul Leavitt for this project after being fans of his work for years, it just felt like the way to go. "Backroads" was the first song we wrote for this split and I think we always knew it would make the record. It's also the first song where we brought in a second vocalist (our bassist Chuck) and I feel like it added a cool dynamic. As for "Never Tell Me The Odds" it's the closet we've come to pop with our sound. A lot of melody, tambourine layered in the chorus, and a big half time chorus. It's a little different than what we have done in the past but it felt right. We kept the trend of two vocal parts going for this one as well and in the last chorus our guitarist Bthanh joins in and sings a third vocal part. Also, the lyrics of "Never Tell Me The Odds" really hit home for me. 

What would you like new listeners to be able to take away from these two songs?

To keep it straight forward, don't ever let anyone hold you back. Whether it be feeling trapped in a relationship (Backroads) or someone trying to beat you down with words about your life/career choices (Never Tell Me The Odds) just find your own place in the world and do whatever it takes to makes you happy. 

When you’re working on a split EP, what is your main goal for the songs? Obviously, it’s a good chance to showcase yourself to another band’s audience.

When working on this split we wrote well over the amount of songs needed for our side. In doing so we had options and we could choose the songs we felt would be our strongest singles. On a split you have a very small window of opportunity to showcase your best work. As for us, we truly feel like these are the best songs we have so far! 

You’ve also been on the road with Such A Mess - how have those dates been?

Great! Like I mentioned before, those dudes are the homies. Everyday has been full of antics and I'm working on a pretty solid goofy live face / caught off guard photo collage of their guitarist M.L. Reynolds. 

After these dates are finished up and after the EP drops, do you have any other big plans coming up? What’s next for Post Season?

We are touring Canada for the first time in October with We Were Sharks! That will be a blast, we are very excited to start touring other countries. Also, we will be releasing music videos for this split and working on songs for a release this spring. 

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from your music?

Honestly, we have a lot of different messages so there's so much I could say here. I hope when you listen to our music you find how it relates to your life. I would bet that how I relate to some of my favorite songs are not the way the person that wrote it did. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for having us! I would just like to add that if you took the time to read this... We appreciate you! Also, don't forget that you are never alone with music, and that's a beautiful thing! 

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'Greetings From' Tour Dates:

8/24 - Long Island, NY - Amityville Music Hall

8/26 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk's Place

8/28 - Altoona, PA - The Archway Center (release show)

8/29 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Smiling Moose


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