Q&A with Such A Mess

Hardworking California pop-punk group, Such A Mess are gearing up to release their split EP, Greetings From with their close friends and east coast group, Post Season on August 28th. With two tracks full of passion and conviction on Greetings From, there's no doubt that Such A Mess will win over both new and old fans with this release. 

We had the chance to chat with Such A Mess about the upcoming split, their bond with Post Season and the hard work that went into Greetings From. Read the entire interview and listen to Such A Mess' new track, "Tether" below!

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

You’re currently out on the road with Post Season in support of your upcoming split EP - how have those dates been so far?

This tour rules. It's our first time on the east coast as a band and it has been very kind to us thus far. We can't wait to come back! 

How did the idea for the split with Post Season come about? I feel that your sounds compliment one another amazingly!

Thank you! We thought so too. We have been friends with Post Season for almost two years at this point, and we had talked about doing a full U.S. tour. The idea to do the coast-to-coast split EP came naturally from the tour. It made sense to sell our songs to Post Season's east coast fans, and for us to sell their songs to our friends on the west. 

Your two tracks on the split are “Tether” and “Keep To Myself (In F Sharp Minor)” - can you tell us a little bit about these tracks? Are there any stories behind them?

"Tether" is about wanting what you know you can't have, or won't get. "KTM" is about watching something slip through your fingers and realizing that it's not coming back. 

Splits are such a good opportunity to showcase your music to new listeners, so what would you like fans of Post Season to take away from your music if they’re listening to you for the first time?

I hope that Post Season-ers will appreciate all the differences between our two bands, as well as take in what makes us similar. We take a lot of pride in how we write our songs, so we're hoping that comes across to all new listeners. 

What are your inspirations or influences when you’re working on new music?

Influences on our newest material would include bands like Title Fight, Turnover, Brand New, Into It. Over It, and The Starting Line. Inspirations for the lyrics come from real life. Everything we sing about, in one form or another, happened. It may be metaphor, or misdirection, but it happened. I like writing about one thing, but making it sounds like it's about something else. I feel like that makes the songs more relatable, because they can be more than just one thing.

What was your favorite part about working on this split EP?

My favorite part about the split was just the songs themselves. We're extremely proud of these songs and were excited to get them out. 

After these dates are finished up and after the EP drops, do you have any other big plans coming up? What’s next for Such A Mess?

The rest of this year, for us, will be writing and recording the next release. We want to stay as busy as possible; that's very important to us. 

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from your music?

We hope that the listeners take away a feeling of conviction that we put into every one of our songs. Every note we play and every line we sing - we mean it! I feel like that's something crucially important for bands to have, and I personally don't see that in a lot of other bands these days. I would hope listeners would get that from us.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We want to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to this split, check out either band if they haven't already, and supporting us in any fashion. 

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'Greetings From' Tour Dates:

8/26 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk's Place

8/28 - Altoona, PA - The Archway Center (release show)

8/29 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Smiling Moose

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