Q&A with Clay Cages

Nashville-based Clay Cages are just gearing up to release their concept EP, The Lenses We See Life Through this fall. Dropping almost a year after the band's debut EP, TensionThe Lenses We See Life Through is about the change in a person’s outlook on life throughout their lifetime, with each song representing a different stage of life. Having just released the first single from the EP, titled "Rust," we had a chat with Clay Cages about the story behind the upcoming EP, their favorite songs, and their upcoming plans for 2015.

Check out the entire interview below and listen to "Rust" HERE

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves, for any readers who may not be familiar

Yeah man. We are Clay Cages, an alternative/emo band from Nashville, Tennessee. We started playing music together just under two years ago. We put out our debut EP, Tension in September of 2014 and will release our follow up EP The Lenses We See Life Through in fall of 2015.

You’re getting ready to release your new EP, The Lenses We See Life Through this fall - can you tell us a little bit about the meaning behind that title?

Sure. The Lenses We See Life Through is a concept album, with each song representing a different stage in an individual's life; beginning with birth and ending with death. This EP really pushes the concept of realization and hits hard on the contemplation of that individual's decisions throughout their lifetime. This EP is cool because it's heavily influenced by things that have happened in our lives, but is very open ended too. Hopefully anyone who listens can take something from this record.

What has been the inspiration or driving force behind The lenses We See Life Through?

Honestly, it's cool to be able to capture a universal concept that can apply to anyone in the world and put it into five songs. As for inspiration, the EP represents a lot of transition periods us five have had to endure throughout our lives thus far. It's cool to be able to talk about it in such a unique way.

Is there anything that you wanted to be able to accomplish with this EP?

I want people to dig the concept, but more importantly, I want people to have five new songs that they can jam the fuck out to, you know? I really think the instrumentals have to hit as hard as the lyrics do, and I think we accomplished that with this record. 

You recently released your track, “Rust” from the EP - can you talk a little bit about the song? What makes it a stand-out to you?

"Rust" is a song about reflection and feeling that there is one place you will always be able to find comfort in, and that's your home. I think it was the perfect "first single" to put out, because it's the song that will pull people in from the start and keep them hyped for the rest of the EP. Hopefully haha. 

Are there any songs that you’re really excited to release or for fans to hear?

Yes! I'm personally really excited for people to hear "Permanence" which is the opening track on the EP and "Burning" which is track four and I believe will be the next single we put out for this record. Those are the two hardest hitting songs on the EP in my opinion.

Being based out of Nashville, how do you feel that music scene has impacted your music?

I wouldn't even say Nashville has really even influenced our sound too much. Most of the bands we take influence from we've been into for a decent amount of time and are not from Nashville. However, Nashville has been a cool place for Clay Cages to become a band and get started, because it does have a really solid underground scene that we're happy to be apart of. Plus we've met incredible people that this band would not exist without, thanks to Nashville/Murfreesboro.

Branching off of that, what do you think sets Clay Cages apart from other artists in the Nashville scene?

I think when this record comes out, it will speak for itself a lot better than anything I can say, but I think Clay Cages is a crazy hybrid of so many different influences, formatted into a bunch of weird, cool sounding songs. I don't know man, I feel like when people hear the new record, they'll get what Clay Cages sounds like. 

After the EP drops, do you have any other big plans for 2015?

After the EP drops, we are hoping to tour in support of The Lenses We See Life Through, but nothing is set in stone as of now.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

No problem! Thanks for asking me sweet questions. Be watching for the second single off this record. It will drop very soon. Also, follow us on all of these sitez: Facebook: Clay Cages, Twitter: @claycages, Bandcamp: claycages.bandcamp.com, Instagram: @CLAYCAGES, Tumblr: claycages.tumblr.com

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