Q&A with Amos Helvey of Old Sport

Denver's Old Sport are currently in the midst of a West Coast tour, and having recently released their new album, To Give, we had a chat with the guitarist/vocalist Amos Helvey about the band's new music, tour and the Denver music scene. Catch Old Sport on tour now before they make the run back to Denver for a hometown show at Mutiny Info Cafe on January 15th. Tour dates are below!

Interview by Dillon Crader

For starters, how is your tour going?

Tour is going great! It's probably the best tour we've gone on so far. At first I wasn't sure how it would turn out because I've heard mixed things about the west coast and I've never been to most of the places.

What has been the highlight of your tour so far? In regards to a venue, show, restaurant, landmark, etc.

Some highlights would be seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time and seeing the ocean for the first time! I'm a Wyoming boy so I've basically been under a rock for the first 20 years of my life. My favorite show was possibly Las Cruces. Art Obscura is a really cool little art/antique store thing and they have a very supportive scene there. 

Your new album, To Give was recently released. Has there been a lot of positive feedback from the new album? How about on tour?

We just saw a review of the album today that said it was too weird and a mess haha. I don't think the album is very weird but I'll take it as a compliment. My friends have told me they like it and that's all that matters to me. 

Now that you've released your new album and you guys are on tour, are there any other big plans that you would like to accomplish in 2016? 

I'd like to write and record another album. Maybe do a split or two. I'd like to hit the Midwest on a tour as well.

Have there been any bands that you have played with on tour that are must listen to bands? 

We've been playing with crazy good bands on this tour! My favorite was Feral Moan from Flagstaff but other must listen bands are Diners, Dogbreth, Ridgeway, Alaska, Elk and Oak (no music online yet cuz it was their first show!), Sutratma, Simeon Beardsley and Township (who are playing at Seventh Circle in a few days!!) We're going to be playing a show in Missoula, Montana with two of the best bands in the world Eat Strike and Mido Skip. Also the song "Musician's Friend" by Back of a Car has been stuck in my head for over a week. It's the anthem of this tour.

There aren’t a lot of bands from Denver that go on tour for as long as your winter tour. Are there any tips or pointers you could give to other local bands that want to tour?

You just got to get on the social media or whatever and find bands from places and book a tour and go. It's as simple as that. Don't wait for other people. Don't be afraid to ask people to help you out.

I feel very strongly about the local scene here in Colorado, and you run your own venue here in Colorado on top of being a part of a touring band.  Is there anything you would like to say in regards to the local scene? What makes Denver great?

The local scene in Denver is really cool to me. I feel privileged to be surrounded by amazing musicians and artists who inspire me to try to make better stuff. Some of the best bands are from Denver and I'm stoked I get to have them as friends too. Denver bands I particularly like are Swells, Iwakura, Anterroir, Byrgeau Noil, Bang Play, Scary Drugs, The Dorms, Nancy Strong, 2kwateva. I shouldn't have started listing them cause now I want to make a huge list and that would be cumbersome.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

1/8 Portland, OR @ Anarres Info Shop
1/9 Bellingham, WA
1/10 TBA
1/11 Spokane, WA @ The Baby Bar
1/12 Missoula, MT @ the Zacc
1/13 Billings, MT @ The Railyard
1/14 Fort Collins, CO @ Surfside 7
1/15 Denver, CO @ Mutiny Info Cafe

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