Q&A with Gareth Moore of The Young Wild

Q&A with Gareth Moore of The Young Wild

Pop rock trio The Young Wild kicked off their year with the release of their latest EP, All The Luck and this month, they're ending things with a bang on tour with Max Frost. The final date of the band's tour is tomorrow in Denver at Lost Lake Lounge, but before hitting our beautiful state, we talked with bassist Gareth Moore about All The Luck, their growth over the past year and much more! 

Tickets for The Young Wild's stop in Colorado on November 18th are still available HERE.

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about The Young Wild for any readers who may not be familiar? What brought all of you together to begin making music?

We are three former male super models who, after solving cold fusion, knitting the worlds largest blanket, and scaling Everest in our underwear, decided to make music. None of that is true. We're just three guys who met at university, seemed to get along well and liked to make music. After giving it a go with various musical projects we got together to form this self deprecating, coffee swilling, occasional beer and whiskey drinking group, and we haven't looked back.

Earlier this year, you celebrated the release of your EP, All The Luck. What do these songs mean to you?

They are the culmination of the highs and lows that come with being alive. From the creation of something beautiful to the heart wrench of loss, they cover all the facets of life that I'm sure anyone who is reading this has experienced and can understand. What they mean to us, not applicable. What they mean to you, well, that means everything us. If we give you a drawn out answer, that could sway the meaning and affect they have on your life, and is the last thing we want to do. Interpret as necessary. 

Having only been together for about two, going on three years now, how do you feel you’ve grown or evolved with All The Luck?

Individually we've all grown in our own way. Grappling with the creative process and then grinding it out in the road will effect everyone differently. As a whole, as a band, we've matured quite a bit too. We now know what to expect leading up to the release of a set of songs, and the subsequent work that will go into it after. From radio performance, to blog interviews, to months on the road, and then back to Bryan and Brandon in the studio. We've grown a lot in knowledge and in practice. One thing we've learned is that change is necessary for growth and survival and thankfully, seems to come naturally to us.

What was the biggest learning experience you had when working on the EP?

Not everything is like the movies or a fairytale, and that's not what we expected. However things will inevitably never go exactly to plan. Serendipity, human nature, blown fuses, broken guitar strings, and a bevy of other obstacles tend to stand up at just the right time to keep you in the studio that much longer. That extra stint in the studio will then segue into the release date being pushed back, and the pushed back release date being pushed back again. We learned, not as quickly as we would have liked, that resilience to those obstacles and keeping a positive out look on life are two things should be kept close at hand to help you through those particularly dower moments.

You’re just hitting the road with Max Frost and will be coming through Denver on November 18th! What on these upcoming tour dates are you most excited about?

Max, and for that matter Sinclair, write some pretty catchy tunes. We dare you to listen to three of their songs and not walk away singing one of them. I think we write some pretty catchy songs too, so I'm excited about this mini tour de force of indie pop that will be on display for a few hours every night. On top of that we get to head back through some amazing cities as the seasons change, see some old friends, dole out high fives and hugs to some fans who have been coming to see us since our first tour with Barcelona  that seems like a lifetime ago, even though it was only a few short years back. This tour is going to be fun, we'll make new friends and new fans and get to wear jackets that we bought years ago in the hopes that Southern California would one day be hit with a blizzard! That day has yet to come. 

We caught you guys last year when you were playing huge rooms with ZZ Ward, but this time around, the shows are a little more intimate and personal - what do you hope fans will take away from the upcoming shows?

We hope they see more polished version of the band that they saw with ZZ. The same youthful enthusiasm and lust for life but tempered with an air of maturity, something that says 'oh yes, they've been at this for a bit now and it's only gotten better', that's what we hope anyways (slowly crosses fingers). The ZZ tour we were cutting our teeth and really figuring out what road life was, what a proper tour was supposed to look like. The first night we went 5 minutes over our set time and ZZ's tour manager, Keith, walked up to us immediately after and told us to 'never fucking do that again' and then broke into his maniacal laugh that he is so well known for. After that quick bout of laughter he went stone faced and said 'never fucking again' one more time, lit a cigarette and walked away. Keith is as good as it gets, and we've only get better since that first night. 

With 2016 coming to an end soon, what would you say has been the highlight of your year so far?

Isolating one is tough, it's like asking a 5 year old what their favorite Disney movie is at the begging of the year and then again at the end. It won't be the same, there will have been 4 other movies put out in the interim between when the question was asked and when it was asked again and the answer will undoubtedly change. For us, well, we released an EP this year, went on tour with some really cool Aussies that go by the name of Atlas Genius, and played the ESPYs to name a few highlights. Hell, ask us again at the end of the tour, and just like the 5 year old we'd probably have a different answer. If you run into us 40 years ask for the first highlight that pops into mind, that will be most accurate answer we'll give. See you in 2056!

What are you looking forward to in 2017? Do you have any big plans yet?

More touring, more music, and other fun releases that we've been working on. We're going stay fairly tight lipped passed that, but stay tuned, we won't disappoint.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Simple, yet genuine thank you. A thank you to you all for taking the time to interview us and a thank you to anyone who's taken the time to read answers.

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