Q&A with Genevieve

Q&A with Genevieve

Genevieve's debut EP, Show Your Colors is about the importance of celebrating one's true self, and with the whirlwind of the past year that the singer has had, she has absolutely no reason not to. Coming off of a successful 2015, having performed at South By Southwest and finished up a stunning NPR Tiny Desk Session, Genevieve is kicking off 2016 as support for A Great Big World's Kaleidoscope Tour, with a few headlining dates of her own thrown in the mix. Genevieve's positive energy is not something to be missed, and with the singer performing in Denver on March 30th, we had the chance to talk with her about Show Your Colors, upcoming tour dates and much more!

Read the entire interview below, and catch Genevieve with A Great Big World at The Marquis Theater on March 30th - Tickets HERE

Interview by Shannon Shumaker

You had an incredibly busy 2015, with the release of your EP, Show Your Colors, and now you’re kicking off 2016 by opening up for A Great Big World on their current tour - what has been the coolest or most surreal moment for you over the past year?

Wow! When I look at 2015 I see a ton of hard work and a ton of magic- I shall answer your question in 2 parts:

1. Coolest moment: Being on stage at SXSW, looking out into the crowd and seeing Bob Boilen in his signature hat and glasses smiling from ear to ear. I had submitted "Show Your Colors" to NPR's All Songs Considered SXSW addition and he had taken the time to come see me play LIVE! After I got off stage he gave me a big hug- he was so present- and a few days later invited me to come play an NPR Tiny Desk Concert in D.C. which, to this day, is still one of the coolest things I have ever gotten the chance to do!

2. Most surreal moment: Just as I was taking out a pen from my purse to fill out an application to work at a restaurant in Hollywood, a fan of mine stood up from the back of the restaurant and screamed my name "Genevieve! Genevieve! Oh my god!" and she came up to me with her arms wide open, gave me a huge hug and told me about all the times she had seen me sing throughout the past decade, in all different cities and encouraged me to "never give up." I don't think she knew how much that meant to me. I then immediately, without questioning, turned around and left the restaurant, taking that moment as a sign from the infinite that I should keep on living my dream...

Show Your Colors is nearly six months old now. How does it feel to finally have the EP out there for listeners to hear?

Time is subjective when it comes to feelings. I feel wonderful about being able to share the music with listeners at any time because it comes from my heart, which is timeless!

The EP is about celebrating one’s true self - how do you feel that you were able to do so with the songs on Show Your Colors?

Yes! Each song is an opportunity for me to face fears I experience when it comes to sharing my truth with others.

Among other things,

"Show Your Colors" celebrates free will to design one's own life and perception of one's self...

"My Real Name" celebrates saying "yes" to love (of one's self, of another) and being able to be present by letting go of the fantasy of the future...

"Human Again" celebrates the perfect imperfection of being a human incarnation on Earth...

"For You" celebrates putting others before one's self and letting love prevail in times of darkness...

"Authority" celebrates reclaiming one's own identity and path in life...!

Was there anything you really wanted to accomplish with the EP?

By making the EP, I wanted to accomplish sharing some personal feelings, memories, hopes and dreams that other people could relate to and share with me!

What was it like going from writing and recording with a band to working on Show Your Colors solo? What was the best part about creating the EP?

Transitioning from writing and recording with a band to working on my new "solo" material required a lot of bravery and vulnerability because I was opening myself up in a way that I hadn't before - with new people that I didn't have a history with, with myself and whatever limitation (musically speaking) I thought I had, etc.

The best part about creating the EP was just doing it at all! I overcame any fears or doubts I experienced about being able to express my truth!

How do you hope to affect listeners with these songs?

With these recorded songs and at my live shows, I aim to create a safe space which others can be themselves in. Just a vibration to safely exist in!

You’ve got quite a few more dates supporting A Great Big World coming up for the next couple of weeks. What do you want to be able to bring to these shows?

I want to be able to bring a clear and yet playful energy to these upcoming shows. I like surprises, so I want to surprise myself and others with my openness on stage!

If someone is just hearing you for the first time at one of these shows, what would you like them to walk away thinking or feeling?

Whatever they need to think or feel! As long as it serves them in some way!

After this string of tour dates, do you have any other big plans for 2016?

More music, more touring, more living, more loving!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you! Please feel free to love and be loved in this life!

And if you are curious about my pictures or words, you can visit my instagram: @forgenevieve twitter: @hellogenevieve and facebook: /hellogenevieve

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