Q&A with Message To The Masses

Q&A with Message To The Masses

With their new EP, Means To An End and first release under Artery Recordings under their belt, Tucson-based metal band, Message To The Masses are ready to take on 2016. The band recently released a eerie new video for hard-hitting track, "Blood and Bones" and are gearing up to jump on tour with I Declare War in June! Listen to "Blood and Bones" and read the full interview below! 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Message To The Masses for anyone who may not be familiar? 

Message to the Masses started almost 6 years ago and since then it has only grown. It consists of 5 musicians who have a desire to play music and through our music, change lives. We’re based out of Tucson, Arizona and have always been all about the metal scene. If you like dark/creepy vibes with heavy metal behind it, you’ll like us. 

You guys just released your new EP, Means To An End - how does it feel to finally have it out for people to hear?

It’s nice to know that everyone is starting to hear our potential and how diverse we are. We’re capable of anything. 

Did you have any goals for this EP? Was there anything you wanted to accomplish or experiment with?

Our goal was to just get out there and be known. We wanted this EP to just be a teaser of what’s to come.

What was the most rewarding thing about working on Means To An End?

All the opportunities that opened up through the process of making it. We met a lot of cool people and got to work with friends that made our music come to life. 

Means To An End also marks your first release with Artery - how does it feel to be part of that family?

We are honored to be a part of the Artery Family and couldn’t be happier!

You also recently released a video for “Blood And Bones” - can you tell us a little bit about the track?

The story line behind it is about looking for something that you thought you wanted but realizing it was just a negative piece of your life. The longer you were lost, the more you understood that your better off without it. That all you ever need is yourself to get to where you want to be.  

How was the filming of the video?

My good friend Marcus Eden filmed both of our music videos and it’s always a blast to work with him. Such an awesome guy and we all connect on such a good level. Chemistry is everything and we all have it with each other. I can’t wait to do the next one!

How do you feel the music scene in Arizona has shaped you or Message To The Masses’ sound? 

I’d say it has given us a grunge/edgy sound. Maybe it pushed us into a dark direction because of how it made us feel through all the years but, it’s brutal out here like hell on earth haha

If someone is just seeing you live for the first time, what would you want them to walk away thinking or feeling?

Mind fucked

Do you have any other big plans for 2016?

We are about to go on tour with I Declare War and AENIMUS in early June!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just for everyone to come out and see us on tour! Spread the word and let us be heard! Appreciate it!


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